Late night wonders if collusion might actually be a crime, though

Seth Meyers takes A Closer Look at this batshit insane nonsense that Rudy Giuliani is trying to push about how collusion is not a crime.  

“Wow, they are really moving the goal posts on this. First it was, ‘Russia didn’t interfere in the election,’ then it was, ‘O.K., they did, but nobody on the Trump team met with them.’ Then it was ‘O.K., they did, but it was just about adoptions.’ Then it was, ‘O.K., they offered us dirt on Hillary, but there was no collusion.’ And now we’re at, ‘Collusion is not a crime.’ What’s next? ‘O.K., collusion’s a crime, but it’s just a little crime.’ And then it’ll be, ‘Since when are crimes illegal? If crimes are illegal, take me away!” — Stephen Colbert

Jimmy Kimmel thinks Rudy Giuliani might have rabies. 

Jimmy Fallon and The Roots interpret Rudy Giuliani’s notorious “You” tweet:

Trevor Noah offers to help Robert Mueller with his investigation into Trump’s tweets (while selling some books in the process): 

Seth Meyers has some thoughts about that amazing photograph of Mueller and Dummy Junior at the airport together:

And we have another dispatch from the tiny voice inside Trump’s head:


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