Stephen Colbert makes a heartfelt plea to stop the Trump adminstration’s disgusting migrant policy.

Stephen Colbert attacks Jeff Sessions for being so monstrous as to use the Bible to justify the governments’s brutal policy towards migrants, before pleading with all of us to contact our representatives on this issue. If you only watch one clip today, make it this one.

Colbert revealed the Inspector General’s report revealed there was a shadowy group working against Donald Trump: The popular vote:

And points out that Trump isn’t just bending the truth anymore, he’s bending the fabric of spacetime:

Jimmy Kimmel welcomed new American citizens in the style they deserve. This is the America I want:

Seth Meyers takes a closer look at Trump’s growing troubles, calling him President Wile E. Coyote:

Jimmy Fallon has Trump rapping “In Da Club”:

Behind the scenes on The Daily Show, Trevor Noah talks Trump’s birthday and the IG report:

James Corden explains Trump celebrated his birthday with a small group of friends … it was just like his inauguration:

The Opposition tells The Michael Cohen story:

Seth Meyers notes that it might be Trump’s birthday, but he’s still not over the Hill:

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