‘Full Frontal’ suggests Sean Hannity is a serial killer. I, for one, am convinced.

Samantha Bee gives Sean Hannity a taste of his own conspiratorial medicine and I don’t know, it sounds to me like he might just be a serial killer. WHO NEEDS THAT MANY SHEDS?

Jimmy Kimmel employs Noah the third grader to explain “fake news” in a simple way that even Donald Trump can understand, and he’s so good, I’m wondering if I should offer Noah a job:

James Corden points out that only Trump would tweet, “This guy doesn’t exist, here’s a picture of him!”

Jimmy Fallon gets around to┬áStormy’s sketch which looks like Tom Brady, which an actual sketch of Tom Brady has some thoughts on:

Stephen Colbert reminds the President that not all women are under legally binding agreements about what they can say. If you’re going to come for Nicky Haley, YOU BEST NOT MISS:

The Opposition would like to introduce you to Trump supporters Diamond and Silk. Fun fact! White Trump supporters love Black supporters because Black Strump supporters let them pretend they’re not racist, and Diamond and Silk figured that out. YAY, TOKENISM!

Uh-oh! More race stuff! But until we stop arresting Black people for sitting in Starbucks, you’re going to have to put up with this, White people:

Samantha Bee recognizes that the most important story of the week was Beychella BECAUSE IT FUCKING WAS.


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