After attacking the #MeToo movement (on dumb grounds) and physically intimidating a victim, Tony Robbins is now sorry. Fuck that noise.

I will say this about “inspirational speaker” Tony Robbins: he’s comprehensive. During one of his packed seminars, Robbins launched an attack on the #MeToo movement, and he managed to touch on all of the very worst criticisms. Belittling women wanting to be treated as equal human beings? Check. Physically and emotionally intimidating a woman who dared to disagree (a sexual assault victim no less)? Check. Blaming women for men not being able to control their behavior? Check.

Listen, there are cogent arguments to be made that in our rush to judgment some innocent men’s lives and livelihoods could be ruined and reputations could be tarnished. (However, I will note that I have yet to see that happen. In fact, if Ryan Seacrest’s situation is indicative of anything, it suggests that it requires quite a lot — multiple accusers, physical evidence, years of whispered rumors — for accusations to stick. It would seem that men — some men at least — are still largely being given the benefit of the doubt.)

But to attack the movement as simply being the glorification of victimization instead being the uplifting of voices who have long been ignored, and of speaking truth to power by exposing the misogynistic rot lying under the surface of our entire culture is to willfully misunderstand what is happening.

What is wrong with women wanting “significance?” Are only men allowed to demand to be given “significance” in society? And if “powerful” men are frightened to hire attractive, qualified women, that’s just demonstrating the weakness of those men. Not only are they hurting the careers of these hard-working, intelligent women because they are worried they can’t behave themselves around them, they are hurting their own businesses by not hiring the best possible people. Maybe in his position as their “life coach,” Robbins could coach these “dozens of powerful men” to KEEP IT IN THEIR PANTS. And as for a 6’7″ man literally shoving a woman backward to “make a point” about the uselessness of taking a stand … oy vey. A qualified “self-help guru” should have known that the optics of that one wasn’t going to help him at all.

Some people had thoughts.

Anyway, Tony Robbins is now “sorry,” and wants you to stop being so mean to him, please.

Oh, hey, Tony Robbins, in this statement is there any mention of an apology to Nanine McCool, the sexual assault survivor, whom you pushed and intimidated? No? Then go fuck yourself, big guy.

A list of other men I am not feeling particularly sorry for or charitable towards this morning:

More media companies in the UK have revealed their pay gaps: Vice pays men 18.2% more; CNN International pays men 20.5% more, and 59.1% more in bonuses.

Molly Ringwald has written for The New Yorker a very introspective piece about rewatching her classic John Hughes movies — particularly The Breakfast Club — through the #MeToo prism. It’s a very carefully considered essay that manages to recognize the power of Hughes’ teen films, why they meant so much particularly to those of us who are Generation Xers, while also critically examining the more problematic elements. She doesn’t arrive at any easy answers about what we are supposed to do with art that doesn’t completely reflect our current moral values, but that still deserves to be seen and appreciated, and nor should she, because there aren’t any easy answers. Please read this intelligent, heartfelt piece (especially if you grew up with these movies), I promise it will stay with you.

In TV News

And just like that, the Sean Hannity-Jimmy Kimmel fight is over — well, at least for Kimmel. After being (rightfully) criticized for resorting to dumb homophobic jokes, Kimmel called it quits this weekend, and tried to take the high road: “Even in 2018, the vile attacks against my wife and wishes for death on my infant son are shocking and I encourage those who made them to give their words and actions thought. I, too, will give my words more thought and recognize my role in inciting their hatefulness.”

For his part, Sean Hannity decided to withhold his response until tonight’s episode because why squander ratings, right? Also, remember, this was all started when Kimmel made a fairly mild joke at Melania Trump’s expense because Sean Hannity would never be so crass as to attack a First Lady. So, be careful with what you say tonight, Sean, lest you try to declare some sort of victory here — especially as it seems your network doesn’t seem to have your back on this one.

Y’all, did you watch last week’s Atlanta? Because it was one of the most amazing episodes of television I’ve seen. Even if you are not a regular viewer, you should give “Teddy Perkins” a chance, you don’t need to have seen any other episodes to follow it. I absolutely insist that you watch it On Demand, now. NOW.

For those of you who did see it: 1. That was Donald Glover — I KNOW! 2. Here are all the pop culture references in the episode, and there were a ton. 3. And here are some Michael Jackson references that weren’t quite as obvious from a writer who met Jackson and covered his criminal trial. This episode, I’ve been thinking about it all weekend. GIVE IT ALL OF THE EMMYS.

Some American Horror Story news broke this weekend at a pre-Emmy event. Ryan Murphy revealed that this season will be less “grounded” than last season, and will be more like Asylum and Coven; that Evan Peters will play a “comedic hairdresser”; that Joan Collins will play Peters’ grandmother; and that the season will take place in October 2019 (October 6, 2019, in particular — here’s why that might be significant — and it gives Evan Peter’s character some interesting, “hair-raising” possibilities) (I’m sorry.). Murphy is still in talks with Angelica Huston to join the cast, so cross your fingers, that would be amazing. Also, the cast of Cult had some thoughts about what was scarier, the clowns or our politics.

Speaking of American Horror Stories, this piece intelligently argues that is actually what The Last O.G. is.

Sort of spoilery: Game of Thrones just finished filming their longest battle sequence ever — it took them literally 55 days to shoot. HOLY DAMN. Additionally, they will be spending four weeks in this location.

The Simpsons indirectly referenced the Apu controversy in this week’s episode:

In the scene in question, Marge has edited a new version of The Princess in the Garden, tailoring it to what would be acceptable and inoffensive in 2018. Marge reads the story to Lisa, but the new version is much shorter and lacking in an “emotional journey” for the central character. Both Marge and Lisa then make reference to Apu, with Lisa looking at a picture of the character and saying “something that started decades ago and was applauded and inoffensive, is now politically incorrect. What can you do?”

It did not go over well.

This Bob’s Burgers writer had some thoughts about that Roseanne joke in last week’s episode, and they are all 100%.

Sinclair Broadcast Group is SO HURT by all this criticism just because they are pumping propaganda through their local news stations, which happen to be where most people receive their news. SO UNFAIR.

LOL, Fox News revealed that they are the least trusted news network, and Howard Kurtz had to yell at the producers to take the graphic down.

Do not step to Joy Reid, even if you are Killer Mike.

Wait a minute, a Drag Race contestant voted for Trump? WHO? I NEED TO KNOW.

American Gods is officially in production for season 2, so that’s good news.

Bye, Pauley Perrette from a show I don’t watch but lots and lots of people do!

Netflix doesn’t have time for you, either, Cannes.

Love remains dead. Very dead.


  • Mom has been renewed for a sixth season on CBS.
  • Has Blindspot been unofficially renewed for a fourth season? Maybe!
  • Restored has been renewed by DIY.


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