Late night previews Trump’s North Korea talks

Because the North Korea news broke while he was taping, Stephen Colbert’s monologue about the surprise (potential) meeting was on the fly — and still hilarious. “This can only mean one thing. Dennis Rodman is going to get the Nobel Peace Prize.”:

Jimmy Kimmel is pretty sure Trump isn’t going to North Korea in May, as he won’t be President in May.

Seth Meyers relives all the times Sean Hannity talked about the peepee tape. There are a lot of times that Sean Hannity talked about the peepee tape:

Stephen Colbert celebrates International Women’s Day by talking about Stormy Davis:

Sarah Huckabee Sanders explains to Jimmy Fallon why there’s so much turnover at the White House:

The Daily Show has the transcript of Trump’s useless video game roundtable:

The Opposition interviews the gay man who Kim Davis refused to give a marriage license who is now running to replace her:

Seth Meyers finds something on which he agrees with Trump:

Jimmy Kimmel has Trump’s abstinence-only pamphlet:

James Corden makes the world’s most obvious joke about the problem at Apple’s new HQ:

Here are some more jokes Seth can’t tell:


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