Late night has some thoughts on President Troll’s “WITCH HUNT!”

Stephen Colbert has some thoughts on Trump refusing to do fuckall about Russia attacking our elections: “The president has not told the National Security Agency to secure the nation against Russian hacking that we know is still happening. It’s like if your house is on fire, and the firemen are all there, and they agree that the flames are presently consuming your center hall colonial, but the fire chief keeps tweeting, ‘Fake news. We don’t know that that’s a fire. Could be a very shiny flood. Point is, there’s no proof of combustion. Witch hunt!’”

James Corden thinks this whole Russia investigation is starting to get under Trump’s orange skin:

Jimmy Fallon has all of Trump’s ridiculous candidates for his administration:

Seth Meyers does a deeper dive on the opioid crisis, and how the Trump Administration is proposing to cut the budget for the department that is supposed to be handling it by 95%. You read that correctly.

And for those of you who don’t recognize the name “Andrew Giuliani immediately, enjoy:

The Daily Show takes a look at the candidates running in the midterms, including Mitt Whitest Man on Earth Romney.

Stephen Colbert profiles the Nazi running for Congress in Illinois:

Seth Meyers knows why Jared’s security clearance has been yanked:

Jordan Klepper of The Opposition exposes Alex Jones’ new deep state enemy, Jordan Keppler:

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