Obviously ‘The Simpsons’ predicted the 2018 Olympics. Obviously.

The Simpsons predicted the US would win gold in curling some 8 years ago. Of course, in their version, it happened at the Vancouver Olympics, but still. (Their take on the Vancouver Opening Ceremonies was also eerily accurate.) 

And they may have predicted the squirrel who nearly got killed by a snowboarder.

It’s just a matter of time before an actual religious cult forms around The Simpsons and its prophecies.

Speaking of Team USA’s curlers, Delta can suck it. UPGRADE THEM, YOU JERKS.

And speaking of The Simpsons, Hugh Jackman, Chris Hemsworth and Liam Hemsworth were all too good to make guest appearances.

And here is a lovely love letter to one Lisa Simpson.

The lawsuit lodged against John Oliver by cartoon villain and coal magnate Robert Murray has been thrown out for being complete bullshit.

UnREAL returns tonight (yay!), and needless to say, our current political environment helped shape the season.

More Game of Thrones set pictures, including the biggest damn green screen I’ve ever seen.

The remainder of This is Us‘ episodes this season are going to be much happier than the last couple. They’ll probably still make you sob like a baby, though.

Ooh, here are three new character descriptions for Stranger Things.

Here are a bunch of photos from Fear the Walking Dead. Spoiler alert! Everything is drab and dirty.

Donald Glover is a creative genius.

The Countess has had quite a fall. Literally and figuratively.

Oh no! Katya is taking a break from Vice’s Trixie & Katya Show — which is a goddamned delight if you’re not already watching it — but the good news is Bob the Drag Queen will be filling in for her. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF, KATYA.

McDonald’s is bringing Szechuan Sauce back again, but this time they’re doing it right, Rick & Morty obsessives.

Please put Mirai Nagasu on Dancing with the Stars, guys.

Georgia just passed a horrible bill allowing adoption agencies to discriminate against LGBT couples, prompting showrunner Ben Wexler to call for a filming boycott.

“We are facing a pivotal moment in this country, but we cannot allow hatred, division, and bigotry to tear us down,” Omarosa said. “We are one nation under God, and with the power of the vote, the ballot and bringing our diversity to allow us to unite, we can change this country to be together, united under God.” She was then voted out of Celebrity Big Brother unanimously. Before she left, though, she compared the White House to a plantation and made a bid for a book deal one last time.

Page Six ran a brutal attack on Megyn Kelly, prompting some female Fox News employees to fire back that Kelly has been a good mentor and supportive of other women. Because what Murdoch and News Corp should definitely be doing is alienating the remaining women at Fox News.

Gross. The father of a Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School hero appears to have doctored emails between himself and CNN to make it look like the network was feeding them a script for the town hall so that he could scream “FAKE NEWS.”

Good for Megan Boone of The Blacklist:

AJ from Queer Eye has gotten engaged and he just came out, you guys!

Oh, Farmer Teeth, you’re in trouble, bub.

Heather Locklear, girl, no.

Take better care of yourself, Artie Lange. (In which Crashing feels more like a documentary than a comedy.)

Get well very soon, Kevin Smith!



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