Let’s spend Boxing Day checking in on what the President and the Real Housewives have been up to over the holidays.

While you’ve been drinking egg nog and trying to not get into political fights with your loved ones, the cable news networks have been busy firing people, the Real Housewives have been busy making trouble, and your President was busy retweeting memes attacking the free press. Merry Christmas!

Because I try to focus this blog on the media and the free press, I’m going to put aside the really very alarming tweets President Dipshit made over the holiday attacking specific members of the FBI — WHICH, AGAIN, WERE REALLY VERY ALARMING. But while he wasn’t trying to obstruct justice, President Thin Skin sorted through some other feelings about one of his other enemies, Fake News Media Exclamation Point:

And he retweeted this gem, in which CNN is a bug splatter on the bottom of his shoe:

rupaul sigh can't what disbelief exasperated

I mean, I almost — ALMOST — feel sorry for this sad lump who, instead of spending the holiday in the warmth of the love of his wife, children, grandchildren, and friends, spent Christmas fueling his resentments and anger at the first amendment. If he weren’t the most powerful man on Earth, if his repeated whines of “FAKE NEWS” didn’t actually give power to other despots around the world to attack journalists and the very notion of truth, this would be utterly pitiful.

Speaking of the Fake News Media Exclamation Point, MSNBC found itself in a bit of a brouhaha when they fired contributor Joan Walsh. #KeepJoanWalsh began trending on Twitter, and MSNBC hosts Joy Reid, Chris Hayes and Ari Melber had her back.

However, within about 24 hours, Walsh announced that she will be joining CNN, who knows a good thing when they see it.

Over on ABC, Elizabeth Vargas announced she would be leaving to “pursue new ventures.” Vargas has been at ABC News since 1996 and has co-hosted 20/20 since 2004.

And James Rosen is out at Fox News after being with the network since 1994.

As for those Real Housewives

The big news is that Countess LuAnn de Lesseps –the Real Housewife who WROTE A BOOK ON ETIQUETTE– had quite the Christmas Eve in Palm Beach, Florida. The Countess got good and drunk and was arrested for battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest with violence, and 2 counts of corruption by threat after telling the cops, “I’m going to kill you all.”

Siggy Flicker is out as a Real Housewife of New Jersey. I wish her the best and hope she finds her damn mind which she clearly lost over the course of this season.

And this is kinda sad: Teresa and the girls weren’t able to see Meatball in meatball prison over Christmas. Like I said, it’s “kinda” sad.

A few Game of Thrones things:

Drogon’s purr is the sound of tortoises having sex. And now you know.

Sam Tarly wrote a study on Westeros’ climate for the University of Bristol’s Cabot Institute.

A Game of Thrones tarot card deck is coming out in March. WANT.

Merry Christmas from Mindhunter:

Finally, set your DVRs: Mimi is returning to ruin New Year’s Eve.

mariah carey new year's eve awkward.gif


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