Late Night tries to make the repeal of net neutrality funny and kinda suceeds

Stephen Colbert and Aji Pai know how to talk to all the hip young kids about net neutrality:

And Trump attacked the mainstream “meadia” in a tweet because he’s a fucking moron.

Jimmy Kimmel calls ending net neutrality “despicable” and worries about the future of WebMD:

Seth Meyers briefly talks about net neutrality, but quickly moves on to Omarosa because that whole situation is actually very hilarious. BRING HER BACK SO WE CAN FIRE HER AGAIN!

Trump gave his own version of “‘Twas Night Before Christmas” on The Tonight Show, and Fallon finds the one way that America would be fine with the repeal of net neutrality:

Trevor Noah takes a look at how the GOP is trying to gin up outrage over an FBI agent writing anti-Trump tweets as a means to shut down the Mueller investigation. This is completely insane.

James Corden was back and shares the story of the birth of his daughter, and it’s delightful: 

Conan reveals the final contestants of his show’s staff sweater competition:

Hey, Tuck Buckford is back and he’s fighting with Google Home (honestly, the Alex Jones clip that this is based on is funnier than anything Colbert does): 


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