Late Night thanks Black women for saving America in the Alabama election:

Amber Ruffin reminds us what Black women in Alabama go through every day in addition to saving America and has some thoughts on how we can thank them:

The Daily Show‘s Dulce Sloan is taking a victory lap on behalf of all Black women, and also has some ideas on how we can repay them.

And Tonight Show correspondent Yamaneika Saunders explained that Black women showed up to the polls “like they thought Barack Idris, and Denzel were going to be there”:

Samantha Bee gave credit for Roy Moore’s defeat to a different group of women: to his accusers. 

“This victory belongs to one small group of people: the women who came forward against Roy Moore. They endured horrific treatment, from everyone from their neighbors up to the president of the United States. And they had no idea whether it would make a difference. Their bravery changed the world last night. I hope that they are having a great day because thanks to them, Roy Moore sure isn’t.”

Stephen Colbert sees Roy Moore’s defeat in Alabama as a glimmer of hope in the rubble of what has been 2017:

Seth Meyers knows that Trump did not write that tweet congratulating Doug Jones on the night of the election:

Kimmel agrees with Seth, and points out that only Trump could find a way to say, “REMEMBER WHEN I WAS WRONG? I WAS RIGHT!”

Conan has footage of Roy Moore returning home after his loss:

Because celebrities filling in for late night hosts is just a thing now, Bryan Cranston filled in for James Corden — because Baby Cranston — and gave us a delightful impersonation of Roy Moore, as well as some Omarosa jokes:

As for Omarosa’s hilarious firing, Colbert thinks the Secret Service having to drag her from the premises will serve as good practice for what’s to come:

Jimmy Kimmel also has some recent magazine takes on Donald Trump:

The Opposition chats with Trump supporters at his Pensacola rally:

Unrelated to politics: my favorite German, Flula Borg explains German’s Christmas traditions:

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