Matt Lauer has been fired for being a sexual predator so obviously the Hypocrite-in-Chief had some stupid thoughts about it

And now Matt Lauer, y’all. 

According to Deadline, a woman reported to NBC HR on Monday that Lauer had sexually assaulted her during the 2014 Sochi Olympics and multiple reports about Lauer’s behavior were in the works at print outlets (namely Vanity Fair and The New York Times, from what I’ve seen elsewhere). Savannah Guthrie, Hoda Kotb, and Al Roker learned the news this morning and were clearly still grappling with it on air.

Megyn Kelly opened her hour of The Today Show pointing out the effects on the victims: “…what we don’t see is the pain on the faces of those who have found the courage to come forward, and it is a terrifying thing to do. We don’t see the career opportunities women lose because of sexual harassment, or the intense stress it causes a woman dealing with it when she comes to work each day. I am thinking of those women this morning and hoping they are okay. The days to come will not be easy.”


Here’s how CBS This Morning and Good Morning America covered it:

Oh, and of course Donald Trump felt the need to weigh in — and not just weigh in, but weigh in with dark suggestions regarding other NBC employees, namely Joe Scarborough:

For those of you unfamiliar with the “unsolved mystery” our President is referring to, back in May 2001, 28-year-old Lori Klausutis, an employee of then-Congressman Joe Scarborough, was found dead in his office. An autopsy and investigation were performed, and it was determined that Klausutis had been feeling unwell a day before her death, and died after undiagnosed heart problems caused her to fall and hit her head on a desk. There was no evidence that Scarborough or anyone else had anything to do with her death and there is no “unsolved mystery.”

So, of course, the Conspiracy-Theorist-in-Chief is trying to exploit this young woman’s unexpected and tragic death to try to score political points against a media figure who has been critical of him in the past year. Obviously. Because are no depths of indecency into which this grabby hypocrite will not plunge.

Related: this alarming New York Times story that was published yesterday which details how Trump not only believes that the Access Hollywood tape is somehow fake, but that he still believes he actually won the popular vote, and, oh yeah, still believes in the birther bullshit – a story he publicly disavowed. I am genuinely concerned there is something wrong with the President’s brain.

But back to Lauer, Katie Couric tried to warn us.

Never forget this happened:

And here is a very interesting Vanity Fair piece published in March about NBC News, Matt Lauer, Megyn Kelly, and Ann Curry with a sickening side note about how an interview with Hillary Clinton is somewhat responsible for launching Lauer’s career at NBC.

This seems particularly interesting in light of today’s news:

Lauer’s knack for survival gets to the heart of something fundamental about traditional TV news outlets—and morning television in particular. NBC News has had to deliver four multi-million-dollar settlements to employees who have been separated from the Todayshow for one reason or another. Each move caused high anxiety inside the news division—and, internally, an elevated sense of Lauer’s importance to the bottom line. There’s an investment concept known as the “melting ice cube” syndrome—it describes assets that are likely to decline in value over the long term. If NBC News is the ice cube, then Lauer is the element that keeps it from melting away. In the process, the one thing perpetually preserved is Lauer himself.


One former NBC executive explained that the reason Lauer is both untouched and always rewarded—too big to fail—is that he pretty much has to be: “If Matt Lauer dropped dead tomorrow, there is no heir apparent, and that is why Matt can drive the price of what they pay him.”

Potential threats always seem to get moved out of the way. “The most dangerous seat in television news,” one industry insider told me, “seems to be next to Matt Lauer.”

Keep watching, this story will be interesting on a number of fronts.

In other Gross Men News, David Sweeney is out at NPR. 

Morning Joe suspects the tech sector is next.

Because it doesn’t seem to be the political world:


Oh, and Johnny Depp needs to go ahead and fuck right off, as does his director David Yates.

The EEOC has litigated very few complaints in the arts and entertainment sectors, so that’s super cool.

In other TV News

Fox News photojournalists were roughed up by Roy Moore’s people, and I’m not sure who to root for here. JUST KIDDING, the photojournalists are obviously the good guys here. (But just barely.)

Oh, hey, look, there are real consequences to the President of the United States calling a major news outlet Fake News. Whodda thunk?

CNN will not attend the White House Christmas Party for the Press because fuck that guy.

The Tonight Show is not doing well, guys. “Since the fall season began, Mr. Fallon’s audience in the 18-to-49 group has plunged by 26 percent.” OUCH.

ESPN is firing so many people.

Ryan Murphy is receiving the Norman Lear Achievement Award from the Producer’s Guild, probably awarding him for sheer volume of projects.

The Orville is the show you love to wait to watch. (It’s because you’re waiting for my blog, isn’t it? I KNEW IT.)

Meghan Markle’s engagement is the best thing that has happened to Suits.

Steven Avery has been denied a new trial.

Yay, Game of Thrones! Although, they really deserved a Grammy nod for season 6 for this scene:

Norwalk, Connecticut is VERY MAD at American Housewife, even though American Housewife is not set in Norwalk, Connecticut (technically).

Doctor Who has released more images from the Christmas special.

Here are a bunch of Doctor Who episodes you’ll never see.

Castle Rock will debut on Hulu sometime next year. Here’s what we know about the anthology series so far.


Get well soon, Robin Leach.



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