Here are all the great late night bits you missed while celebrating the Astros winning the World Series last night

Trevor Noah points out Trump and the right’s hypocrisy on “politicizing” tragedies. Sometimes it’s “too soon” to politicize a tragedy, and other times, we must start screaming about solutions immediately. HMM, WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE?

Seth Meyers takes a closer look at the fallout from the Mueller indictments. It’s delicious. It’s all so wonderfully delicious.

Samantha Bee reminds us that John Kelly is not going to save us. He’s not the “adult” in the room — in fact, he’s just another Ivanka, y’all.

Stephen Colbert points out that Trump has come up with the Trumpiest name for his tax bill. It’s another Boaty McBoatface up in here.

Stephen Colbert explains socialism to Donny Jr. through candy, because he’s so very dumb.

Seth Meyers’ writer Jenny Hagel has A LOT OF PROBLEMS with Kevin Spacey. Who doesn’t, Jenny.

Samantha Bee also points out that mass shooters are often domestic abusers — which, fun fact, there is legislation that would help prevent both of these things. Fat chance it’ll ever pass, though. IT’S GREAT BEING A WOMAN!

Ames Mayfield for President.

James Corden did his Carpool Karaoke thing again, this time with Sam Smith:

BREAKING: Jimmy Kimmel’s daughter is freaking adorable.

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