Late night introduces you to your new favorite right-wing nutbag, Roy Moore

“Unless Democrats nominate a statue of a Confederate flag it looks like Roy Moore is the next senator from Alabama. So let’s get to know Mr. Moore in tonight’s the Roy you Know:”

Seth Meyers also took a closer look at Roy Moore and just how much he aligns with Donald Trump — which is curious since Trump supported his opponent. I still don’t understand why he supported Strange, but that’s just one of an endless list of things I don’t understand about Trump.

Jimmy Kimmel notes that Roy Moore is so against gay people that he must be one:

Trevor Noah points out that Roy Moore is Trumpism without Trump — which is a terrifying thought.

James Corden eloquently sums up the Alabama election:

Samantha Bee congratulates Trump on his great handling of Puerto Rico:

Seth Meyers expresses his very personal feelings about the NFL, the protests and what Trump is missing about all of this.

Jimmy Kimmel has my favorite story of the past 36 hours: Steven Seagal complaining about people disrespecting the American flag from his new home in Russia.

Here’s your Drunk Donald Trump for today:

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