Jimmy Kimmel remains on the warpath, calls Fox News creep a “creep,” and the rest of the best of late night

Jimmy Kimmel was accused of not understanding the new disaster of a health care bill by senator Bill Cassidy. Jimmy Kimmel spends his monologue demonstrating that he knows the bill better than the senators whose names are on it, and attacking those jerks Brian Kilmeade, Chris Christie and Lindsey Graham in the process and it is glorious.

Stephen Colbert points out that reviving this damn bill goes beyond beating a dead horse. “This is getting damn close to bestiality, O.K.? I hope that horse has a safe word.”

On last night’s The Daily Show, Lewis Black demonstrated that Republicans have no idea what insurance is.

Samantha Bee covers the Jemele Hill controversy and finds herself siding with the Juggalos. This is the weirdest timeline.

If you are not familiar with crazy-ass Putin-loving Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, allow Seth Meyers to introduce you:

James Corden loaded up a lot of fighters of foo for his newest carpool karaoke.

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