‘The Tonight Show’ offers a beautiful tribute to Houston and now I’m crying all over again, dammit.

A huge Houston thank you to Jimmy Fallon, Questlove and everyone at The Tonight Show for their $1 million donation to J.J. Watt’s Harvey charity. And thank you for showcasing Victoria White, Marquist Taylor and their Houston gospel choir. Every time I think I’m done crying over this damned hurricane …

Seth Meyers had a few feelings about Trump’s response to Hurricane Harvey, and remarkably they resemble my own. Meyers also goes after Trump’s COMPLETE BULLSHIT DECISION regarding DACA, tying it to Houston’s own DACA-effected citizens, of which there are some 80,000. And in summation, fuck you, Donald Trump.

Stephen Colbert was equally unimpressed by Trump’s hurricane response: “He’s been closer to a flood in a Russian hotel room.”

Colbert also had some thoughts on DACA: “You’re right, Jeff. Deporting innocent children doesn’t mean they’re bad people. It means you’re a bad person.”

James Corden points out that you’re not supposed to wear your white supremacy after Labor Day:

Jimmy Kimmel suggests that Dreamers stay in the country the legal way: marry Donald Trump:

Meanwhile, there’s also North Korea:

This is actually from last week, but Trevor Noah points out that what Trump is doing to the truth is something similar to what happened in Barcelona:

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