Trailer Park: ‘Black Mirror,’ ‘Gotham,’ ‘Gunpowder,’ ‘Z Nation,’ and ‘Will & Grace’

Here is your first look at the upcoming season of Black Mirror, complete with episode titles. YES, PLEASE, HURRY.

Black Mirror is “coming soon.” NOT SOON ENOUGH.

Looks like Batman is born this season of Gotham

Gotham returns on Fox on September 21st. 

Game of Thrones won’t be back until 2019, but in the meantime you can get your Kit Harington fix with Gunpowder, a new series about the Gunpowder Plot. Or you could if you lived in Great Britain.

Gunpowder doesn’t have a date in America yet.

Will & Grace: now with Grindr jokes. 

Will & Grace returns on NBC on September 28.

Here’s your first look at the fourth season of Z Nation.

Z Nation will return on Syfy sometime, who knows.

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