Late night discovers the country’s derpiest Confederate statue

Since Donald Trump loves Confederate statues so much, Stephen Colbert has one he’d like to introduce him to:

James Corden also discovered General Forrest’s remarkable statue and has a lot of feelings about it:

Conan has recordings of Obama and Donny Trash talking about the whole Charlottesville disaster, and it is very cathartic.

Seth Meyers compares the Republicans to Gollum in this “A Closer Look” and has many many many things to say about Steve Bannon.

Jimmy Fallon alerts us to the fact that OK Cupid is banning white supremacists:

Jimmy’s bit as George Washington on “Weekend Update” was actually funnier, but not technically late night, so. You know.

Stephen Colbert also memorializes the era of General Kelly. Gone too soon.

This isn’t ha ha funny, but Samantha Bee has a way you can help if all this white supremacy bullshit has you feeling powerless:


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