Seth Meyers is back just in time for the Donny Jr. fiasco, and all the rest of the best of late night

After being off for a couple of weeks, Seth Meyers is back and not a moment too soon. Those Junior jokes aren’t going to tell themselves.

Stephen Colbert can’t keep his Russia story straight as he introduces Russia Week:

For his first dispatch from Russia, Stephen visits a fellow late show host and plays a game of Russian roulette with vodka and pickles. Also, we learn that Russians have a weird sense of humor:

Drunk Donald Trump is always welcome around these parts:

The Daily Show points out that the reason the Republican’s health care bill failed is because the Republicans hated their health care bill. Also, “innaccurately.”

And these are from last week, but you don’t mind, I’m sure:

Conan casts the Russian scandal:

And Stephen Colbert and John Oliver had a wax President battle, and it was glorious:

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