Trailer Park: ‘The Tick,’ ‘Narcos,’ ‘Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce,’ ‘Ozark,’ ‘The Orville,’ and ‘The State’

I mean, this trailer for The Tick looks good and all, but Patrick Warburton will always be my Tick.

The Tick will begin streaming on Amazon on August 25.

Ozark has released another trailer. The early reviews on this one have been really good.

Ozark will begin streaming on Netflix on July 21.

Narcos teases the rise of a new cartel in the first trailer for season three.

Narcos returns on Netflix on September 1.

Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce released a trailer for the upcoming fourth season and it serves as a reminder that Retta is the best thing in everything she is in.

Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce returns on Bravo on August 17.

Here is a look at Channel Four’s upcoming Isis drama, The State. It does not have a U.S. release date yet, but it will air on Nat Geo.

Fox’s sci-fi comedy, The Orville, has released another shorter teaser. Commence the pee jokes.

The Orville will premiere on September 10th on Fox.

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