Late show hosts on other late shows and the rest of the best of this week’s late night

Jon Stewart crashed Jimmy Kimmel’s show to scold a kid who held a Kimmel-themed bar mitzvah and it was glorious:

Jon Oliver swung by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and was his usual hilarious self. Here he discusses this whole Donald Trump Jr. mess which is really something if anything means anything anymore.

And Oliver discussed his trip to Russia to interview Edward Snowden, and how he was followed by Russian security the entire time. Fun!

The Late Show also started a new feature, “The Trump Attacked Me on Twitter Hall of Fame.” Its first inductees: Mika Brzezinksi and Joe Scarborough:

Jon Oliver also received the not-very-rare honor:

The Daily Show exposes the plight of the translators who are tasked with trying to interpret the nonsense that comes out of our President’s mouth. “3% of the time you have to fake it, to make sense! Otherwise you’re going to look like an idiot yourself.”:

Obviously, Donald Jr.’s emails were Christmas in July for late night hosts. It’s the story that just keeps giving.

Stephen Colbert exposes that Junior was his own Deepthroat:

And Stephen predicts where Junior will go next:

Conan has recordings of Trump’s conversations with Putin which keep getting interrupted by Junior:

Jimmy Kimmel discusses Junior’s emails with Kellyanne Conway, who insists that the reports of the meeting are #FAKENEWS and alternative facts. What is an email anyway?

Junior: “I love it!” Trevor Noah: “Maybe Don Junior doesn’t know how to use the word love appropriately because he’s never heard it growing up.”

Stephen Colbert can also have “fun with words,” Kellyanne:

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