Did we just learn the identity of the new Doctor Who and is it a woman and is that woman ‘Fleabag’s’ Phoebe Waller-Bridge? MAYBE.


We have a bunch of Game of Thrones news. 11 Days:

This is a gallery of dead Game of Thrones characters you might have forgotten. And while obviously you have not forgotten Khal Drogo or King Robert (I MEAN, COME ON), I don’t know that I realized that Ros was one of the prostitutes that King Joffrey tortured to death. How’d I miss that?

Sophie Turner wants Sansa Stark to kill some more fuckers. YES. DO IT, SANSA. THERE ARE STILL PLENTY OF PEOPLE LEFT WHO NEED SOME KILLING.

Speaking of, watch your back, Littlefinger. You are the odds-on favorite to die first this season and Arya is headed your direction.

Meanwhile, Game of Thrones is scouting locations for season 8 and sniffing around some castles in Spain. HOW ARE YOU NOT ALREADY FILMING SEASON 8, GUYS? CHOP CHOP.

Game of Thrones: The Exhibition will be returning later this year. No cities or dates have been announced yet, though; all we know is that it will begin in Europe.

Hodor lives thanks to this KFC ad:

Hey, here’s a Walking Dead comic spoiler that suggests Jesus might be getting a love interest sometime in the future.

Netflix needs to renew GLOW immediately. How has Netflix not renewed GLOW already? RENEW GLOW, NETFLIX.

Margaret Atwood wants Drake to have a cameo in the second season of The Handmaid’s Tale in the most Canadian news of the day.

Battlestar Galactica is going to have a reunion at Comic-Con, Battlestar nerds.

In Cable News News

The White House very well may try to use the  AT&T/Time Warner merger to threaten CNN. So that’s great and not dangerous at all. Jeff Zucker says that they won’t be intimidated. Let’s hope.

Meanwhile, in Poland, Trump says that CNN took the wrestling gif “too seriously,” before attacking CNN and NBC, calling them “fake news” again.

anderson cooper eyeroll

Meanwhile, Ted Cruz has some dumb thoughts on the dumb non-controversy involving CNN and that Redditor who, again, is not a 15-year-old.

Oh, and Tomi Lahren and Chelsea Handler will have a debate at the end of the month because this is the world we live in now.

In Development

Casting News


Angela Chester Lyons, the first woman who produced a network news program, Face the Nation


Mosquito: A whole documentary about how awful these little fuckers are, as if we need to be reminded. 8 p.m., Discovery

National Lampoon’s Animal House & Old School: It’s a fratathon! 9:45 p.m., MoreMax

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