Hey! We’re back! Just like ‘Bachelor in Paradise’!

Hi guys! Did I miss anything while I was gone? Just a bunch of baby animal videos and a salacious scandal on the set of a trashy reality dating show? Great!

So what, exactly, is going on over at Bachelor in Paradise, you guys?While I was gone, I was notified that one week into filming, Bachelor in Paradise had suspended production and sent all the dummies home after something happened on the first day of filming. The very first day of filming! According to news reports, it had to do with a sexual encounter of some sort between contestants Corinne and DeMario after they had been drinking, and a producer reported their concerns. Corinne and DeMario were immediately sent home, and then everyone else was sent home about a week later.

An investigation began, and Corinne and DeMario both lawyered up. According to The Hollywood Reporter, neither were aware that anything untoward had happened until they were asked about it by the production staff the next day, at which point Corinne released a statement saying that she had “little memory of that night” and that “something bad obviously took place,” and added that she is “a victim.” In response, DeMario said that his character was being “assassinated … with false claims and malicious allegations.”

While the investigation took place, former contestants pleaded with the studio and network to not cancel the series, and my pal Michael Garofola insisted that producers do not pour alcohol down the casts’ throats, contrary to what people might think. A reality TV producer that works in the dating genre spoke about how the sausage gets made in this very interesting interview and suggests that something bad must have happened for production to be shut down:

Since you’ve been in somewhat similar situations having been on many reality TV sets, what do you think could have gone wrong on “Bachelor In Paradise”?

My concern about this situation is that if the person was beyond a point of making her choices and was still being shot and being put into this scenario, it’s a very weird situation. When you talk about sexual assault, it’s almost always just two people alone and it becomes a he-said-she-said situation; this is the most unusual situation because not only is there a third party, but there are cameras that watched everything that happened and everything that led up to what happened. That, to me, is the smoking gun as to why a franchise worth hundreds of millions of dollars was shut down. There is videotaped evidence of the entire transgression, and they have the ability to go back and watch everything that happened and everything that led up to what happened. If it was totally fine, why would they have shut down the set?

Do you think this “Bachelor in Paradise” scandal will impact the reality TV industry as a whole?

There’s a multitude of unfortunate parts to this. First, if this girl was victimized, that’s just unconscionably bad. Second, this has put a severe blemish on the industry of unscripted television when most of us are respectful of boundaries and respectful about the contestants’ safety on the show. What’s sad about this is that this is going to be another log on the fire of people making assumptions about reality TV — now this one incident can cause a wild fire. I want the world to know that this is not standard; it’s abnormal. It’s just horrific. I really feel like from my instinct and my 25 years in this business that a show doesn’t get shut down for any instance happening on set. It just doesn’t happen. It’s a rarity. For the high-profile level of that show, something went down that they cannot back away from — I don’t know what that is, so who knows what’s going to happen from here.

However! After more than a week, Warner Brothers and their lawyers decided that no misconduct occurred and filming resumed. But it creates a whole host of issues for all reality series going forward: for instance, how much leeway do producers actually have? When do they need to step in when they think something might be wrong, versus letting the story play out — potentially harmlessly — and make for good TV? Where is that line?

That line is likely to be settled in court arbitration, as Corinne’s lawyer has put out a statement vowing to continue with their own investigation.  (Neither she nor DeMario will be returning to the series for fairly obvious reasons.) But for now, this will not be the death knell for trash television, no matter how much you might wish it to be.

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We have a fantastic new trailer, which I’m sure you’ve seen by now:

Here is a good shot-by-shot breakdown of the trailer. And here’s another breakdown that suggests we might be seeing Cleganebowl after all.

And here are a bunch of character posters that reveal the real enemy.


In Other TV News

Apple TV is going to start making TV shows (probably) and people are super-excited. I am curious how this will impact Apple TV’s relationship with other streaming services, like Hulu and Netflix and Amazon Prime, which recently announced it will (finally) be available via Apple TV.

We have a Star Trek: Discovery date: September 24th, and it will debut on CBS before moving to CBS All Access.

All those episodes of Doubt that never aired on CBS will air this summer.

Hulu has the first three seasons of Younger now.

If you want to watch the series finale for The Leftovers again, get to YouTube right now.

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