This beautiful essay on grief, quantum physics, and ‘The Leftovers’ will be the best thing you read all day, maybe all week.

I’ve been a fan of Mo Ryan’s work since back in the Lost days, so I am not in the least bit surprised that she is not just a fan of The Leftovers, but that she was able to express why it is so powerful. In a very personal essay, Ryan writes about losing her mother and father, and how through the process of grief, the individual wants to be seen, yearns to be recognized.

All the characters on “The Leftovers,” even the sane-ish ones, exist in many places, with chasms often separating them. Some are present but unseen; some, when absent, are more powerful, even at a distance. Time’s relative, according to physics: How it passes and whether it passes at all depends on a lot of stuff (mass, velocity, the amount of wine a particle has had, etc.).

The show has found ways to illustrate these highly variable quantum states, to show how far apart these people are from each other, and from different versions of themselves. They see each other, sometimes, but they often cannot bridge these gaps.

And that’s OK.

Sometimes all you want is to be seen.

“The Leftovers” is the observer, viewing human particles who exist in many modes and places and times. They, like us, are here and there, with the living and the dead, hopeful and undone. Here and not here. Gone and left behind.

I live in a multitude of quantum states. I have for almost a decade.

There is a 50 percent chance that I have the genetic disorder that killed my mother six months ago. She was diagnosed about eight years ago. There is no treatment for Huntington’s Disease, which destroys the mind and body with equal indifference. There is no cure, only witness.

I live in two modes: I have it, and I don’t have it. Sometimes I live in a third state: I don’t think about it. Fourth mode: Checking medical websites at 3 a.m. to make sure I definitely have it (though medical professionals frequently assure me I’m fine in every way). Fifth state: Travel. Sixth state, the one that so often saves me: Writing about made-up people who definitely exist in my head and heart. Seventh state: Listening to people I love laugh.

All of these worlds, all these selves, exist at once. I am afraid and unafraid.

I care more than I ever did, and I don’t give a damn.

“Yes,”“The Leftovers”says. “Yes.”

Please, read the entire thing, even if you are not a fan or viewer of the show. It’s a gorgeous piece of writing and a lovely reminder that television, this much-maligned medium has real value and purpose. When it is on point, as The Leftovers has for these past two seasons, it can truly be profound.

And when it’s not profound … Hey, this is going to surprise you but the guy that ABC is clearly setting up to be the villain on The Bachelorette — and no, it’s not Whaboom — is a huge racist, homophobe, misogynist and general asshole. For some reason, he’s set his Twitter account to private recently.

Gee, you’d think The Bachelorette producers would have run a cursory check on a contestant’s Twitter account before casting them. OH WAIT OF COURSE THEY DO. Which means they deliberately cast a racist and a misogynist to date their first black Bachelorette. Cool cool cool.

Hey, why does Arya have Littlefinger’s dagger in this Game of Thrones Entertainment Weekly cover? GOOD QUESTION. GLAD YOU ASKED.

Harvard is offering a Game of Thrones-inspired history class and I would take the hell out of that.

Netflix’s boss says he’s hoping for more cancellations which is an interesting programming philosophy …

ESPN is currently spending $7.3 billion for content because sportsball be expensive. Netflix plans to surpass that.

Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas are bringing back the McKenzie Brothers in a reunion I can get behind.

Here is five minutes of forty-six seconds of “God Dammit” on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Harley Quinn is going to be in the season finale of Gotham next week if that’s a big deal for you.

Bianca Del Rio brought an 8-year-old drag queen on stage at a show in Canada this week and the whole thing is just wonderful.

His parents released a statement that read in part:

When Nemis is out of character he identifies as a boy and in drag as a girl. Drag for Nemis, is about the performance, the character. When he’s Lactatia, becoming her character, he’s a girl with a penis. As far as gender roles go, we’ve gifted both of our children with the ideal that there’s nothing just for girls and nothing just for boys. He grew up wearing his sister’s hand-me-down princess costumes and fancy shoes while playing with monster trucks and riding a skateboard.

I think his biggest milestone in life or a pivotal moment was when he told us that when he grew up if he wanted to, he could be a girl with a penis (He was three and going through a pretty intense Beyoncé phase).

Did we know it would lead to him being passionate about becoming the greatest drag queen the world has ever seen? No, but we were one hundred percent certain that Nemis was a natural performer, had the ability to captivate a crowd and was the most self-aware person we knew.

As Mama Ru always says, “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you going to love anyone else?”

Oh my God, Silicon Valley‘s blood boys is a real thing.

In News News

CNN dumped Kathy Griffin after the Trump head incident. No New Year’s Eve funtimes for you.

As expected, Megyn Kelly landed a Vladimir Putin interview for her first Sunday night show.

Lawrence O’Donnell is staying at MSNBC after all.

The whole Scott Pelley thing over at CBS has reportedly been creating chaos behind the scenes.

In May, MSNBC beat Fox and CNN in the valuable 25-54 age demo for the first time, but Fox still had the most overall viewers.

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Elena Verdugo, Actress on Marcus Welby, M.D.

Molly Peters, Actress


Nashville: Something something history homework. Midseason premiere. 8 p.m., CMT

The Amazing Race: The race ends at Wrigley Field. 9 p.m., CBS

Late Night: Jimmy Kimmel Live: Sarah Silverman, Jimmy Butler The Daily Show: Sen. Al Franken

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