Oh, for fuck’s sake, Kathy Griffin.

If you’ve somehow managed to miss this dumb fuck-up, Kathy Griffin caused a stir by taking part in a photoshoot where she held up Donald Trump’s obviously fake decapitated head. I refuse to even link to it because it was tasteless, just not funny and in our increasingly violent age, potentially dangerous. Griffin soon apologized but the damage was done. CNN is considering firing her from their New Year’s Eve show, and Anderson Cooper and Jake Tapper put out remarkably similar tweets condemning the dumb stunt.

But Donald Trump Jr. is continuing to scream about it on Twitter, claiming that this is what the “left” considers acceptable. Seems no one has reminded him that Ted Nugent “joked” about assassinating Obama, and was invited by his father to the White House or that his father openly made references to gun rights advocates “stopping” Hillary Clinton. So Junior and everyone else who is using this as a distraction from the disaster that this presidency is can just fucking get over themselves already.

Scott Pelley is out as the anchor of CBS Evening News. Anthony Mason will take Pelley’s place in the interim, and Pelley will remain on 60 Minutes. It’s part of a shakeup that is happening at the network, with the president of its entertainment division, Greg Geller stepping down.

Meanwhile, Sean Hannity still has a job, and after pulling their advertising claiming that they do not buy ad time on opinion shows, USAA has said they will reinstate ads on his show. (Shame, USAA, shame.)


And Sean Hannity’s fans are trying to organize a boycott against Rachel Maddow because of reasons. LOL, OK, BEST OF LUCK WITH THAT, GUYS.

In Other TV News

Turns out This is Us isn’t moving to Thursday nights after all. NBC came to its senses and realized that pitting its top series against Thursday Night Football might not be in the show’s best interest. This is Us will remain on Tuesdays, and comedies Superstore and The Good Place will move to Thursdays to create a two-hour comedy block.

At least according to Will Arnett, season five of Arrested Development will be more like the original seasons and not season four, thank goodness.

Here is a gallery with some new Game of Thrones photos. It accompanies a story about how the show is an “unlikely tale of female empowerment” to which I say YEAH, NO SHIT.

Spoiler alert for the three of you who watch Fear the Walking Dead. Wait, WAIT, Daniel isn’t dead? For real? BUT HOW?

Here is a piece about why Sasheer Zamata never had a chance on Saturday Night Live. TL;DR: white guys.

There was a mini-Brady Bunch reunion on The Today Show and everyone talked about how great Florence Henderson was. We are all very old.

Before “covfefe” took over all of our lives, Jimmy Kimmel Live! writer and one of Donald Trump’s most hilarious tormentors, Bess Kalb, was blocked by President Trumplethinskin. Her reaction was great.

In Development


  • WGN has officially cancelled Underground. This is not surprising news — WGN’s parent company, Tribune Media, is being sold to Sinclair Broadcast Group, and as a part of the acquisition, WGN began shedding all of its original programming. Nevertheless, it’s a shame — whoever was in charge of original programming over there had a good eye: Underground, Salem, Manhattan and Outsiders were all well-regarded series. Here’s to hoping Underground finds a new home.

Casting News


Robert Michael Morris, actor from The Comeback

Michael Ogiens, Former CBS Programming Executive

Michael Nance, Former Bachelorette contestant


The Real Housewives of New York: Ramona acts odd at dinner. You don’t say.  8 p.m., Bravo

The Carmichael Show: The daringly topical comedy returns with a conflict over sexual assault. Ha? One-hour season premiere. 8 p.m., NBC

The F Word: Someone thought it was a good idea to give Gordon Ramsay a live cooking competition. What could go fucking wrong? Series premiere. 8 p.m., Fox

Masterchef: Also, this is back. Season premiere. 7 p.m., Fox

Late Night: The Daily Show: Logan Browning

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CBS NCIS: Los Angeles
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Criminal Minds
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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
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The F Word
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The Carmichael Show
The Carmichael Show
This is Us

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