Trailer Park: The All ABC edition

We have a full trailer for The Mayor, ABC’s new fall comedy about an aspiring rapper turned mayor. It seems cute enough, but very earnest.

The Mayor will air on Tuesday nights this fall.

The Good Doctor stars Freddie Highmore as a doctor with autism and savant syndrome. So basically Dr. Rainman. Expect to hear that joke a lot.

The Good Doctor will air on Mondays in the fall on ABC.

The Gospel of Kevin is about a not great guy who has a spiritual enlightening and goes around hugging people. Um.

The Gospel of Kevin will air on Tuesdays on ABC this fall.

Ten Days in the Valley is a kidnapping thriller starring Kyra Sedgwick, Mr. Eko and Theo from The Cosby Show.

Ten Days in the Valley will air Sundays this fall on ABC.

The Crossing is about time-travelling refugees, and they are invoking the holy name of Lost, you guys.

The Crossing is a midseason series for ABC.

Deception also has a full trailer. FBI magician!

Deception will air sometime in the midseason on ABC.

For the People is your newest Shondaland production, full of sexy baby lawyers and older lawyers yelling at them.

For the People is a midseason series on ABC.

Alex, Inc. is the new Zach Braff comedy about a guy who makes podcasts. I don’t know.

Alex, Inc. is another ABC midseason series.

Jenna Fischer and Oliver Hudson are the stars of Splitting Up Together, a comedy about a couple whose divorce brings them closer together.

Splitting Up Together is yet one more midseason comedy.

So, I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Roseanne is returning to ABC.

Roseanne — say it with me — will be a midseason series for ABC.

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