We have the first ‘Game of Thrones’ season 7 trailer so it’s officially time to start getting excited

Game of Thrones just released this new promo for season 7, and while it doesn’t actually show any scenes from the new season I AM STILL SCREAMING UP IN HERE I MEAN JUST LOOK AT DAENERYS’ DRAGONSTONE THRONE ZOMG:

Here’s a new Silicon Valley trailer and it is rad. 

Here’s another Dimension 404 trailer:

In other TV News

So what is going on here? Comedy Central put out a press release this morning with the headline, “HUUUGE News in Late Night!” Inside, under a Presidential seal, the message read “Late night TV is broken, A TOTAL DISASTER. I alone can fix it! @PresidentShow.” Interestingly, during last night’s The Daily Show broadcast, Trevor Noah was briefly interrupted by what looked like a hack, flashing a music box ballerina, a horse head and tank and some other Russian imagery with thepresidentshow.ru before returning to The Daily Show. Curiously, if you watch the clip on Youtube, the “hack” is gone — but you can see it in the video above. So it looks like The Daily Show is going to do some kind of special, maybe making fun of President Kompromat?

The Tonight Show‘s head writer, A.D. Miles, has left the show. Considering that Late Show with Stephen Colbert has been clobbering it in the ratings — even when they aired “illusion” episodes last week  — this is hardly a surprise. So does this mean The Tonight Show is going to try to head in a more politically pointed direction? Maybe!

The Writers Guild of America is ready to return to the negotiation table after breaking off talks with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers yesterday. Here are a couple of good explainers on the potential for another Writers’ Strike from Vulture and Vanity Fair.

Former Drag Race contestants (and Michelle Visage from the sound of it) are NOT COOL with Wendy Williams being a part of VH1’s Fierce Fridays, and they’ve got a point.

Hey, remember that Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reunion I mentioned yesterday? Yeah, the original Aunt Viv was NOT HAVING IT. 

“They’re [the Trumps and the Bluths] both real estate moguls, tycoons, and businesspeople. But the Bluths were really smart—well, smarter than the Trumps. Although that’s just my opinion… except for poor Gob!” — Jessica Walter, and she’s not wrong.

Sarah Paulson is now saying she wants to play Kellyanne Conway in American Horror Story. SO WHICH IS IT, PAULSON? CONWAY OR TRUMP? YOU CAN’T PLAY ALL OF THE ROLES. (Although if anyone would try, it’s Sarah Paulson.)

NBC is going to make their version of Bye Bye, Birdie less sexist. In other news, was that the most unfortunate photograph of the lovely Jennifer Lopez they could find for this article?

Did you see the photos from Entertainment Weekly’s Buffy reunion?

Jordan Peele is saying he’s done with sketch comedy and I am not OK with that.

Is Toby the Scranton Strangler? Or did The Office props guys just reuse a car. I GUESS WE’LL NEVER KNOW.

Oh, Adam Pally.

Yikes, the CBS Entertainment president had a heart attack and will be missing the Upfronts in May. He’s 45. TOO MUCH STRESS, Y’ALL.


Time After Time has been pulled from ABC’s schedule. It’s not officially cancelled yet, but it’s all but.

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Casting News


Supernatural: Damn werewolves. 8 p.m., The CW

The Amazing Race: Hey, this is back. 9 p.m., CBS

Review with Forrest MacNeil: The dark, hilarious series is coming to a premature end. Five stars. Series finale. 9 p.m., Comedy Central

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