‘The Walking Dead’: Place Your Bets

Last chance! It is literally your last chance to predict who Negan beat to death with his trusty baseball bat, Lucille in the sixth season finale of The Walking Dead. Was it: Rick, Carl, Michonne, Glenn, Daryl, Abraham, Maggie, Sasha, Rosita, Eugene or Aaron? We place our odds on each of the potential victims.

Rick: 0/1


One thing we absolutely know is that the victim is not Rick. Roll over to reveal a small spoiler: AMC recently released some footage of the aftermath of Negan’s kill, where a stunned Rick swears revenge. Negan then drags Rick into his trailer, so Rick is definitely alive, if not well.

Carl: 0/1


Alright, so there are actually two things we know: the vicitm is not Rick and it is not Carl. Right before Negan makes the kill, he announces to the Saviors: “Anybody moves, anybody says anything, cut the boy’s other eye out and feed it to his father.” Presumably Carl’s head would have to remain intact if his eye were to be cut out.

Aaron: 100/1


Aaron is frankly not an important enough character to warrant 6 months of hand-wringing and speculation. Negan is a fan-favorite villain from the comics and this moment is one that the readers have been anticipating for a while now. They are not going to waste Negan’s brutal introduction on a character we barely know.

Rosita: 30/1


See above. Rosita is pretty, but her death would not make much of an impact. However, her odds of being killed are higher than Aaron’s for two reasons: 1. we’ve known her longer and 2. she was just dumped by Abraham so that he could pursue a relationship with Sasha, both of whom are also there. Rosita’s death would certainly create a great deal of guilt and leave a specter hanging over any future relationship. That said, it’s not going to happen.

Eugene: 25/1


Dr. Mullet here is a more likely victim than Rosita or Aaron if only because he is so well-liked by the fans, and because his relationship with Abraham has recently become strained. But it’s highly unlikely they will kill him off before exploring the whole “let’s make ammunition in this foundry we just happened to find” plotline they introduced towards the end of last season.

Sasha: 10/1


Sasha has been rocking a hard death wish for an entire season now. And having just begun to explore her romantic connection with Abraham, it would be heartbreaking for him to have to watch her be brutally murdered. That all said, she’s probably not quite an important enough of a character to kill here.

Abraham: 5/1


Though Abraham also has a death wish and also has romantic entanglements, he is more likely to die than Sasha because he makes a better target for Negan. Killing Abraham would be a significantly more symbolic gesture on Negan’s part, showing Rick that he’s stripping him of his strength and power.

Michonne: 50 to 1


There is NO WAY they are going to kill another of Rick’s love interests this soon. NO. CHANCE.

Glenn: 4 to 1


As noted earlier, this needs to be a Big Death. A memorable one. An emotionally traumatizing one. That’s why people have been speculating about two characters in particular: Daryl and Glenn.

Why it could be Glenn: COMIC SPOILER THAT EVERY PERSON ON EARTH KNOWS: He’s the one Negan kills in the comic books, so. Also, it would be a bummer to have him come back from nearly being killed last season just to die here. And if you’re going for an emotional death, one that would gut fans, you’d be hard pressed to do better than Glenn.

Why it won’t be Glenn: Because he was the one Negan kills in the comic books, which makes it a little too obvious. Also, we just got Glenn back! Leave Glenn alone!

Daryl: 7 to 2


As far as characters go, there is no bigger fan favorite than Daryl Dixon. Killing Daryl would be a devastating loss for Rick and the group and his death would certainly worthy of this iconic moment from the comics. It’s also worth noting that Daryl is not a comic character so he could literally be killed at any point without significantly deviating from the comic narrative.

And they really want us to think it was Daryl. Norman Reedus has been making the rounds on the talk show circuit of late, even teasing fans that they should be ready to “riot,” referencing the popular “If Daryl dies, we riot”meme. And there is this: Roll over to reveal a potential spoiler: In the clip I mentioned earlier, Negan teases Rick about losing his “right-hand man.” The clip also includes a shot of the blanket Daryl had draped over his shoulders, now crumpled in a heap on the ground.

And all of this is why I believe it will probably not be Daryl — because they are trying much too hard to convince us it will be.

Maggie: 3 to 1


As noted, this death needs to be big, it needs to be heartbreaking, it needs to be memorable. While Daryl and Glenn both satisfy all of those requirements, so does Maggie.

Maggie is an important member of the group, not just as Glenn’s wife, but also as the functioning leader of Alexandria and Rick’s right-hand woman. And, of course, she’s pregnant, so killing her would be extra-horrific for both the audience and Rick’s people — not to mention Glenn. Killing her would also resolve a storytelling issue by doing away with the pregnancy problem: we’ve already had a pregnancy storyline on this show, do we need another? Or another baby to lug around and put into danger? It would grow awfully repetitive. Plus, killing Maggie would be a nod to the comic and perhaps be a way to keep the original narrative somewhat on track: they don’t kill Glenn, but they kill Glenn’s wife and Glenn is the one left to grieve, maybe becoming a leader in her place.

But it’s not a certainty. In the comic, Maggie is a significant leader, and the show has just begun to develop that storyline. Also, it’s a brutal show, but it is so brutal as to kill off a pregnant woman with a baseball bat in front of her husband?  Actually, scratch that: they had a young boy murder his own mother moments after she gave birth, so yeah, definitely, they are definitely capable of this.

So who are you betting on?

The Walking Dead returns to AMC on Sunday, October 23rd at 8/9 p.m.

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