‘Fear the Walking Dead’: Hope? Nope.

Fear the Walking Dead
October 2, 2016


Señorita Barber doesn’t even make it to the border before her truck overheats and when she tries to fix the problem, she’s set upon by a clutch of zombies who are polite enough to attack her one at a time. She manages to fight her way out of the mess with nothing but a hammer and a pair of Sarah Connor aviator glasses, before heading towards the border on foot.

Walking through the desert, walking through the desert, walking through the desert, when suddenly she is being shot at by some unseen gunman. She “hides” behind some scrub, but a desert bush doesn’t offer a whole lot of cover and the American with the assault rifle finds her immediately. “Buenos dias, Señorita. Welcome to America.” Hey! He knows my nickname for her!

Meanwhile, over in La Colonia, Nick sneaks out of bed, loads up his bag with milkOxy, and heads to Los Thuglitos’ supermarket with another scout. Once there, Boss Thug is like, “LOL, that’s cute, but my amigo, Otro Thug, and I are just going to come and take over La Colonia and take the entire drug stash, gracias. But because we’re nice thuglitos, we’ll let you round up your personas and leave before we get there. Oh, and look, we killed your amigos, in case you needed more proof that we’re bad guys. But we’ll let you two leave with the drugs because plot.”


Nick returns to La Colonia to one very angry novia, and he’s like, “LOOK, I KNOW, but we’ve got to get out of here because Los Thuglitos are coming and they’re going to kill todos of the people. Es verdad.”

Nick then takes this information to El Doctor who is working in the infirmary, and El Doctor is like, “NOPE. We’re going nowhere.” And that’s when a patient turns, chomps El Doctor on the arm before biting two more patients. Nick finally stomps the rampage by putting his thumbs through the walker’s eye sockets, which … I mean …  there surely had to have been a less horrific way to do that, right? There wasn’t a blunt object anywhere? Maybe they should have a gun in the infirmary — you know, the place where you put all the sick people — for just this scenario?

But the bigger point is that El Doctor is for reals bit, and he is for reals scared … and Nick can see that he’s scared.

After La Colonia shoves the other two bite victims through the You Go Die Now Bus — ¡adios! — Nick heads back to the trailer to pack his things. However, Boss Mujer insists that she’s going nowhere: El Doctor and the people, they need them to stay.

When El Doctor comes in, Nick is like, “Well? Are you going to let Boss Mujer in on what’s going on with your bite?” El Doctor is like, “FINE. I’m not immune. I was bitten by the junkie, not a zombie. The whole thing was a lie to keep people’s spirits up. And it worked! Think how many people we saved with La Colonia!” Nick points out that all of this is a moot point now that Los Thuglitos are on their way and going to kill everyone if they don’t leave. But Boss Mujer, though REALLY ANGRY at El Doctor, refuses to leave, insisting that this is her home.


Over at the hotel, Travis wakes up to Madison staring at him, which, don’t … don’t do that. That’s a rough way to wake up, having someone all up in your face. She tries to tell him that he did the right thing by letting Awful Chris go, that he might actually be safer with people who understand him, and that Travis need not be so hard on himself. Yep! Because 1. 16-year-olds are always great decision makers and 2. Madison is definitely the person who should be talking about letting a child go.

Later, Alicia brings him some food and tries to apologize for getting Awful Chris in trouble in the first place. If she hadn’t said anything about him being awful, maybe they wouldn’t be separated now. But Travis is like, “Nah, you were right. He was awful. Sorry he threatened to kill you that time, that wasn’t cool. That was awful.”

Meanwhile, Madison goes down to the parking garage to check on the newbies. Alicia points out the two asshole gringos who are making “Mexcrement” jokes and whining about the conditions. Sure enough, they are our two bros, Brandon and Other Bro, but Awful Chris is nowhere to be seen. Other Bro bitches about Brandon’s dislocated shoulder not being treated, explaining that they had been in a bad car accident and that their buddy, the driver, didn’t make it. I mean, who lets a 16-year-old without a license drive? And anyway, what 16-year-old who lives in Los Angeles doesn’t have a license in the first place?

Madison goes straight to Strand to be like OH MY GOD, AWFUL CHRIS IS TOTALLY DEAD, WHAT DO I DO WITH THIS INFORMATION? And he advises her to keep it from Travis: believing that Awful Chris is still out there somewhere in the world being awful might be the only thing that keeps him going.

So Madison heads back down to the douche bros along with Alicia and Andres, and are like, “Look, dudes, we’re going to fix your bro’s shoulder, but you have to come with us and be cool.” The other newcomers assume that Madison is giving los gringos a room because they are gringos and become MUCHO pissed off, chasing the group as they actually lead them not to a room, but to the exit.

Meanwhile, Travis notices the commotion and hurries outside to catch the douche bros and demand to know where the hell Awful Chris is. “Yeah, about that…” the bros say.

The group take the bros into an office where Andres pops Brandon’s shoulder back into place and Madison agrees to give the bros a car if they just tell Travis what happened to Awful Chris. They explain that they let Awful Chris drive, but he fell asleep at the wheel, flipped the truck and was thrown from the wreck and died. When Travis asks where his son’s body is, they explain that they pulled his body from the wreckage and buried him next to a tree. It’s all good!


Sooooo, he was thrown from the truck, but y’all pulled his body out of the wreckage? WHICH WAS IT? Travis calmly locks Madison, Oscar, Andres and Hector out of the office to investigate further via a few headbutts and kidney punches. Brandon eventually admits that Awful Chris survived the crash, but with a gnarly leg break so they shot him dead in the road. Where they left him. Because if they weren’t going to bother to bury their friend Baby James, you think they’d do the same for some kid they knew for all of 48 hours?

R.I.P. Awful Chris. You were the awfulest.

This, understandably, sends Travis into a rage. Fight fight beat fight. At one point, Oscar manages to get the door open, only to have Travis smash him in the head with it before returning to the matter at hand: beating both bros to death before anyone can stop him.


Fear the Walking Dead airs on AMC on Sundays at 8/9 p.m.

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