You know you want to watch the ‘SNL’ debate parody again.

I’ve decided to not do a devoted blog about Saturday Night Live here at Foolish Watcher — I’m sure you’re just devastated — but I am more than happy to post the best sketches of any given week. Saturday’s premiere opened, unsurprisingly, with a debate sketch, and it did not disappoint. Also, too, Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump is amazing. Tremendous. Huge. The best. (But considering SNL had its biggest premiere in 8 years, I’m guessing you probably already saw this.)

And if you didn’t stay up to watch the entire episode, you might have missed this clever Mr. Robot parody:

In an interview that will air on Sirius today, Stephen Colbert calls Donald Trump a chicken who is too afraid to appear on The Late Show again. I’m sure Trump will take it well.

chicken dance arrested development.gif

It sounds like working on The Apprentice as a woman was just as delightful as you might imagine.

It’s sure sounding like Benedict Cumberbatch is saying Sherlock is coming to an end, you guys.

And the creator of Archer is threatening to end it after three more seasons.

John Oliver might have another win in his column thanks to his 2014 piece on civil forfeiture. (Wait, that aired in 2014? TIME IS RACING AWAY FROM ME AT AN ACCELERATING RATE.)

It’s not your imagination, the Netflix library is considerably smaller. They have to pay for Stranger Things, Luke Cage and Master of None somehow.

Speaking of, Luke Cage might have broken Netflix on Saturday.


Have you been wondering how American Gods is going to turn a novel into a full blown series? Well now you know.

I reject this Game of Thrones theory that Sansa and Jon Snow will get married. NEXT.

Firefly is the most popular prematurely canceled shows out there, according to math.

As it turns out, NBC isn’t going to go forward with that racist sexist brainfart of an idea that they had. Huh. Wonder why.

It’s the end of the age of Aquarius, although how the David Duchovny series managed to survive for two seasons might be the biggest mystery of all.

Underground is going to have 100% more John Legend in it next season.

OH MY GOD, ABC AND WILL ARNETT ARE BRINGING THE GONG SHOW BACK. Now if they’ll just bring back The Donnie and Marie Show, I’ll have all my favorite shows from when I was four.

In other development news:

R.I.P. Richard Trentlage, the guy who gave us the Oscar Mayer jingle.


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