‘Fear the Walking Dead’: Pied piper

Fear the Walking Dead
“Pablo & Jessica”
September 11, 2016

Nick is a couple of things: he’s a former junkie, he’s clever and he’s very much in needing of a comb, maybe a nice shower. Well, ok, so he’s a few things. COMB YOUR HAIR, NICK, GOD.

The point is, as a clever former junkie, he comes to El Doctor with a clever plan to stretch out the Oxy that they are using to trade with Los Thuglitos by cutting it with powdered milk. At first El Doctor is el skeptical, but then he’s el impressed.

Nick asks El Doctor about his scarred-over wound, noting that he does not for one second believe that El Doctor was bitten by a zombie and lived to tell the tale. El Doctor shares his story: when the sickness broke out, there was a young junkie that the panicked villagers mistook for a zombie. They herded him in with the infected, and El Doctor dived in to try to rescue him. He was chomped for his trouble, but he survived. ¡Es un milagro!


sure jan

As Nick prepares to take his Oxymilk pills out for another trade, a scout returns to the Colonia to share some sad news: They found Pablo, and the news no es bueño. Boss Mujer has a sad. When Nick tries to tell Boss Mujer that she doesn’t need to come along with him on the trade, having just lost her novio and all, Boss Mujer explains that Pablo wasn’t her boyfriend, he was her brother.



When they return from the trade, El Doctor presents Nick with his own trailer, inviting him to stick around a while, cut some more milk pills, join el culto.

Later, Boss Mujer pays Nick a visit and notices that he’s teaching himself some español. He explains that he wasn’t a great student back in high school, not like his hermana, whom he is pretty sure is alive and well out there. Somewhere. The fact that he has una hermana surprises Boss Mujer, who took him as a loner. Then she pulls a Goldilocks and passes out in his bed.


When she wakes up, Nick asks her if she was testing him, to which she responds by sticking her tongue down his throat. I guess she was testing him for something….

ay yi yi robot.gif


As for the rest of Nick’s familia: Madison and Strand survived the bar zombies by pulling a Nick and covering themselves in zombie goo. But once they leave the hotel, they discover that the truck they arrived in is long gone, and they assume that Señorita and Awful Teenage Daughter took it.

Using scaffolding, they climb back into the hotel and up to a higher floor, where they get cleaned up, collect water and Madison worries that she’ll never see Awful Teenage Daughter again. But, as luck would have it, that’s exactly when Awful Teenage Daughter begins banging on a nearby door and mother and daughter are reunited.

The group decides to not look for Señorita, for reasons. Elena then explains there’s bueño news and there’s malo news. El bueño news: there are tons a of canned and dried foods in the hotel — enough to keep them going for months. El malo news: she gave away los llaves to the hotel to a bunch of hotel guests who kinda sorta want to kill her.

Madison calls for a meeting with Oscar, the groom, which he grants. There, Madison explains the plan: they clear out the hotel, fortify the gates, start growing crops and turn this into the prison home. Mom of the Bride objects to Elena being allowed to stay, but Madison is like, “TOO BAD.”

deal with it dany game of thrones.gif

So Oscar hands over the keys.

Madison, Strand, Awful Teenage Daughter, Elena and Hector get to the business of clearing out the walkers from the hotel towers, but it’s a laborious process that they quickly realize will take them weeks to complete at the rate they are currently going. And that’s when Awful Teenage Daughter Alicia comes up with the plan to pied piper the zombies out onto the attached pier and directly into the rip tide. The resulting merzombies will become someone else’s problem.

Which is what they do: they draw all of the hotel zombies out and down to the pier, where Madison leads them before jumping into the ocean and into a waiting zodiac.

That evening, the entire group sits down to a fancy dinner to celebrate, all but Oscar who remains upstairs. Strand goes to film his Emmy submission check on him and discovers that Oscar is keeping his zombie bride locked in room 1711. So Strand talks about his own loss and assures Oscar that whatever is in that room, it’s not his wife. He then offers to help Oscar, to help his bride, and Oscar accepts, giving Strand the key to the room. It’s very sad! Colman Domingo is a very good actor! There is no way he’ll ever be recognized for this, though! Not ever!

Fear the Walking Dead airs on AMC on Sundays at 8/9 p.m.

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