‘Fear the Walking Dead’: Do not disturb

Fear the Walking Dead
“Los Muertos”
August 28, 2016

So we know what happend to Nick after he decided to leave La Hacienda del Muerte: he embarked on a hero’s journey, found a new home. But what about his mom, sister, jail pal and possible love interest? Where’d they go?

After leaving La Hacienda de los Zombies, Strand, Madison, Awful Teenage Daughter and Señorita Barber drive around for a while looking for Travis and Awful Chris. Eventually, Strand is like, “Well, Madison, this plan of yours is getting us nowhere and we’re running out of gas, and maybe it’s time to give up on your dumb husband and his even dumber son.”

So they make their way to where they left the Abigail, only to find that it is long gone. Madison is all, “OH NOOOOOOOES” and ready to throw herself into the Pacific, but Awful Teenage Daughter comes up with the idea to spell out “HEAD NORTH” in branches for the rest of their family to find — if they are clever enough to return to the boat.

The group then heads to a large beachside hotel, because what’s the worst that could happen inside a giant building designed to hold hundreds of people? They head inside, bang on the check-in bell a bunch and decide that when no reanimated bell boys or concierges greet them, they are all good.

The group wanders through the remains of a wedding reception, which leads to Señorita lamenting that she almost got married once, but she had to call it off to take care of her padres, only to have them get their fool selves eaten by zombies and blown up in a wine cellar. Cool joke, Fate.


As the group makes their way into the bar, Awful Teenage Daughter and Señorita decide to press their luck by going up to the rooms to raid the minibars for supplies. At first Madison is all, “No, don’t, it’s dangerous,” before being like, “Oh whatever, I’m going to stay here and get my drink on. Bye. Don’t get eaten.”

The women head upstairs where, using a housekeeping master key and a little common sense, they make their way into a room that appears to be empty. Once inside, however, they discover the hotel guest who hung himself in the shower and now is having a damned time getting out of his predicament. The women stare at him for a while; have a sad.

The next room is shower-zombie free, allowing Señorita a little space to mourn and wax philosophical about their chances of survival (none). Awful Teenage Daughter tries to make her feel better by telling Señorita that they are her family now — which frankly, kid, is not much of a consolation prize.

Awful Teenage Daughter discovers that the hotel still has hot water, and goes to take a shower, leaving the now-even-more-depressed-at-the-notion-that-these-crazy-gringos-are-all-she-has-left-in-the-world Señorita alone. When Awful Teenage Daughter emerges from her shower, Señorita is nowhere to be found, and walkers are busily flinging themselves off of the hotel balconies outside.


Meanwhile, down in the bar, Strand and Madison break out the tequila because sí, por favor. If the world is going to end, you might as well get turnt.

start drinking rhony.gif

Madison worries that she’ll never see Nick again, noting that he has his father’s “darkness,” and that if you leave them alone for a moment, they head straight towards death. Madison then explains to Strand that Nick and Awful Teenage Daughter’s father died in a head-on collision on his way home from work one night, and no, it wasn’t because he fell asleep at the wheel, even though that’s what she told the kids. Strand applauds her for “protecting” her children from the truth, but considering the way Awful Teenage Daughter looked at that shower suicide zombie, I’m pretty sure Madison hasn’t protected them from jack.

Madison makes a toast to motherhood, before furiously throwing her shot glass against the wall. I feel you, momma.

They continue to drink …


…and drink…


…and drink…


…until they are properly drunk…


…and Strand decides that banging on the strangely untuned piano (how does a piano become so out of tune in a month? is that a thing that happens? how much do piano owners spend on piano tuning? should I get into the piano tuning business?) is just a very good idea. It is not a very good idea. And, unsurprisingly, it attracts all the nearby walkers, including those on the hotel balconies above who begin hurling themselves to the ground in the direction of the noise, and bust their way into the bar. But hey! At least Madison and Strand have their wits about them!


Oh, right.

ftwd 2x9 2
Don’t forget the milk.  (Richard Foreman Jr/AMC)

As for Nick, he wakes up in the infirmary at La Colonia, only to find it seemingly deserted. When he investigates further, the only persona he finds is un little chica, by herself and crying, watching a scene unfold a little further away.

As the entire La Colonia watches, chica’s papá hands “El Doctor” and Boss Mujer his knife before hugging everyone goodbye. He then climbs into a school bus that has been wedged into a fence dividing La Colonia from a herd of walkers, and out the back, sacrificing himself to the zombies while the rest of the community watches and chants: “De la muerte venimos, ya la muerte entregamos a nosotros mismos.”


Later, Nick watches as El Doctor checks on an older hombre, and gives him an injection of “insulin” over the older hombre’s objections that they are going to run out of medicine. Which is true! They will! Maybe it’s time for older hombre to take a trip through the bus!

While trying to be helpful, Nick washes some bandages only to discover La Colonia is low on water. Boss Mujer finds him there, and is like, VAMANOS, WE HAVE TRABAJO TO DO. So Nick follows her as she heads straight into the school bus, explaining that she has some rules, and the rules are CÁLLATE.

Heading out the back of the bus, Boss Mujer takes out her knife pins a walker to a wall, slashes its throat and smears herself rather artfully with its blood, inviting Nick to do the same. They then make their way through the walkers and out into the outside world, where Nick has some preguntas:

Q: What the hell was that with the guy and the bus and the eating?
A: In La Colonia, those near death give themselves over to the dead and “join the wall” to act as their protection.

Q: Wait, what?
A: Every so often the world purges itself, begins anew, and this is what is happening with the dead.

Q: The fuck?
A: And once the dead are gone, the world will be new again.

Q: Wait, is this what El Doctor has been feeding you locos?
A: El Doctor was bitten and survived.

Q: Bullshit.
A: No es bullshit. I saw it.

Eventually they arrive at their destination: a warehouse supermarket that is heavily guarded by armed thuglitos. Boss Mujer offers Boss Thug a bag of medicine in exchange for one shopping cart. When Boss Mujer complains that deal was for two carts, Boss Thugs shrugs that the deal has changed before granting them entrance to the store.

Nick and Boss Mujer fill the shopping cart with water, vitamins, gauze, but when Nick tries to put a small package of cookies into the cart, Boss Mujer is all, “NO ES NECESSARIO Y I AM NO FUN.” That’s when Nick notices a tent village inside the store, and Boss Thug tending to one very ill-looking young mujer.

Their shopping complete, Nick and Boss Mujer leave the store, only to have un thuglito tackle Nick and reveal that he had shoved those cookies down into his pants. Boss Thug NO ES FELIZ about this, and is about to chop Nick’s hand off with un machete when Nick is like, “I mean, you could do that, but then we won’t give you any more Oxy for your junkie hermana, and that would really suck for her. So, your options are: chop off my hand, and no more Oxy, or don’t chop off my hand, give us another shopping cart to fill, and more Oxy. Thoughts?”

And that’s how Nick and Boss Mujer head back to La Colonia with two shopping carts full of agua and one packet of cookies. However, on the walk back, Boss Mujer grouses at Nick that he may have just compromised La Colonia’s safety. Up to this point, Los Thuglitos  haven’t known or shown any interest in where La Colonia is, but he may have just made them curious, so gracias for that. And that’s how Nick learns the phrase “lo siento” (even though he grew up in Southern California).


Once back in La Colonia, with un “lo siento” for her loss, Nick gives the purloined cookies to la little chica who watched her papá get eaten by the guard zombies.

Boss Mujer, who watches the entire exchange, takes Nick to visit El Doctor. El Doctor who is ninguno too pleased to hear that Nick tried to start a war with Los Thuglitos over cookies. Nick explains: la little chica, her papá, maybe she could use a cookie … but El Doctor is not interested in petty comforts. El Doctor then explains that the “insulin” shot he gave the older hombre was just a saline solution — there’s nothing that is actually going to protect him from death.

El Doctor launches into his whole philosophy that this whole zombie thing is a test and that once the dead finally go to their final resting place the world will be washed clean and they are the chosen who outlast death. And to prove his point, El Doctor gives Nick a little glimpse of his shoulder, a chunk of which appears to have been chewed off by a large mammal and has scarred over.


El Doctor then invites Nick to stay with them, but warns that if Nick puts La Colonia in danger again, he’ll be “fed to the wall.”

Later, El Doctor preaches to La Colonia; something about how from death they come and to death they deliver themselves, and how life is a “sigh between two deaths” and something about their souls’ migration has finally begun before leading everyone, including Nick, into a rousing chant of: “From death we come, and to death we deliver ourselves.” So, I suppose Nick has finally found that death cult he’s been looking for. Yay?

Fear the Walking Dead airs on AMC on Sundays at 8/9 p.m.

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