‘The Walking Dead’: Sad souls

The Walking Dead
November 10, 2013

Things are looking pretty grim at the prison — more grim than usual, even. Hersh, Glenn and Sasha intubate a fellow patient who is on the verge of drowning on his own gross fluids, while Hershel tries to lighten the mood by cracking jokes about this being a lame Council meeting. He hereby declares Spaghetti Tuesdays will take place on Wednesdays as soon as they find some spaghetti. Mmm…spaghetti. Having finally shoved the tube down the less than cooperative Patient’s throat, Hershel leaves Sasha in charge of squeezing air into Patient every 5 to 6 seconds while he takes Glenn with him on his rounds.

They come upon a less fortunate patient who hadn’t been intubated in time and Hershel stops Glenn from stabbing him in his face right there in the cell — nobody needs to see that. Instead, the two of them drag his body onto a stretcher and start to wheel him out someplace quieter, when New Sophia sees them and asks what they are up to. “UHHHH … NOTHING, GO READ TOM SAWYER, BYE,” Hershel instructs her, sending her away so that she won’t see Glenn stab Less Fortunate Patient in the face.

Later, Hershel visits with Maggie who is worried about Glenn (with good reason) and wants to come into the quarantined area to help her father/get her fool self sick. Hershel insists that he’s fine, Glenn’s fine, everybody is fine, so you go away now! Scat! Glenn, who was listening around the corner, thanks Hershel for sending her away: if Maggie saw him in this condition, there would be no way to keep her out. “Yes, yes, YOU GO LIE DOWN NOW,” Hershel orders.

Hershel visits with that Dr. S. who is in rough shape and feeling rather sorry for himself. Dr. S. encourages Hersh to spend his time taking care of those who still have a chance, and Hershel is all, “But we can save everybody! Everyone just needs to hold on!” Dr. S. (the S stands for “synical”) shakes his head at Hersh’s naiveté and warns that Hersh has to be prepared for the patients to start dying en masse. Dr. S. shows Hershel the shotgun he has stashed in his cell, but when Hersh rejects this out of hand, Dr. S. urges Hershel to make sure everyone’s cell doors are closed. And then is like, LOOK AT MAH EYEBALL, IT’S SO GROSS. And it is. It is gross. Have some more tea, Dr. S.!

As Hershel leaves, he notices that someone new has collapsed and goes to take care of the situation before he realizes that he has an entire audience of sickies watching him. Sasha helps Hershel load up another stretcher before retreating to her own cell to cough and moan for a while.

Meanwhile, having left Carol and her gasoline can by the side of the road, Rick returns to the prison where he finds Maggie taking her anxiety out by stabbing fence walkers in their faces. Maggie does some quick math and realizes that Rick’s car is 50% emptier than when he left, and Rick’s like, “Yeah, about that… so Carol is a crazy killer who I can’t trust around my kids, so I loaded her up in a station wagon with some gas and sent her far, far away.” And Maggie, whose fiance could have been targeted by Carol’s matches, agrees with Rick that he made the right choice.

Maggie then points out that they need to reinforce the fence again, sooner rather than later, especially since they are all out of innocent piglets to use as distraction. Instead, Rick decides to use the quickly diminishing daylight to go deliver Fruit Roll-Ups to Carl and the other children and to lecture his son to brush his teeth. Good priorities!

Rick then swings by the quarantine cell to visit with Hershel. The fence, it can wait until the dark of night for repairs, that just makes sense. Hershel reveals that things are pretty terrible inside, akshully, but quotes a little Steinbeck as justification for keeping a positive attitude: “A sad soul can kill quicker than a germ.” Rick and Hersh exchange some philosophical hoo-ha before Rick’s like, “So, let’s talk about Carol…”

Hershel returns to the cells looking a little more stricken, where he finds Sasha barely hanging on, oh no! And the guy they had intubated, he’s dead now, oh no! And some lady, she wakes up a walker in her cell, oh no! And Glenn, he collapses in a fit of violent coughing, oh nooooo!

When Hershel continues on his rounds, some random guy insists on letting his sick kid or whoever sleep it off in his cell, so we all know how that’s going to end: errrrrybody becomes walkers. Sure enough, Sleepy noms his father, who happened to be carrying around a gun that he starts firing wildly into the cellblock. Good, perfect, yes.

Maggie and Rick are FINALLY working on shoring up that fence when they hear the gunfire coming from inside, and Rick urges Maggie to go help. But the fence is (at least) a two-person job, so he releases Carl from kiddie purgatory to come help him. Shoring up the fence, shoring up the fence, shoring up the fence, and that’s when one of the fence posts snaps and the walkers come pouring in. Good, perfect, yes.

Rick and Carl arm themselves to the teeth with some more serious weaponry (which maybe they could have done before going out in the dead of night to fix a precarious fence?)  and do a little father-son bonding while mowing down walkers. Shooting all the walkers, shooting all the walkers, shooting all the walkers.

Such a special father-son moment.

Back in the prison, New Sophia lures Intubated Walker away from Glenn, and is nearly eaten by him. Fortunately, Hershel appears and throws Intubated onto some sort of caged roof thingy. He then locks the two remaining children in a cell and checks on an unconscious Glenn who really could use that intubation tube which, unfortunately, Intubated Walker is still rocking. So he swings by Dr. S.’s cell for that shotgun, only to find Dr. S. has turned, too. SIGH. Hershel stabs Dr. S. squarely in the face, grabs the shotgun and shells, and begins shooting all the walkers, shooting all the walkers, shooting all the walkers. 

Maggie finally breaks her way into the cell block, just in time to see her father and Intubated Walker wrestling over the intubation tube on that caged roof thingy. She shoots Intubated Walker, and Hersh is able to retrieve the tubing, and shove it down Glenn’s throat, THANK GOD. And then New Sophia comes over and checks on them, swishing her foot around in the blood and mucus on the floor LIKE A BIG WEIRDO. STOP THAT, NEW SOPHIA. YOU STOP THAT.

Outside, Rick and Carl finish off the last of the fence walkers just as the Medicine Minivan arrives, hooray! Everyone is saved! I mean, it could have been The Governor in that minivan, Carl and Rick don’t know, seeing as that it was not the same vehicle that the medicine crew left in BUT WHATEVER, LET THEM ON IN.

Fortunately for everyone, particularly Glenn and Sasha, it is Daryl and Michonne and Tyreese and Sober Bob in the minivan, and they mix up the antibiotics into syringes and make everyone instantly all better so Hershel can go rest/have a good long sob now, whichever, both.

The next morning, Rick goes outside to talk to Daryl about the Carol Situation, but is distracted by Carl and peas.

As for Daryl, after complimenting Hershel (and Glenn) for being “tough son(s) of bitch(es)” Daryl asks about Carol, and Hershel directs him to talk to Rick about it. BUT DO THEY? NOOOOOOOOO.

Instead, Rick and Carl nom some peas because symbolisms (Rick is both a farmer and a fighter now, or something), and then we pan out to the woods outside the prison where, ZOMG, THE GOVERNOR IS BACK AND STALKING THEM, O NOES!

The Walking Dead airs on AMC on Sundays at 8/9 p.m.

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