Olympics: History right before our tired, tired eyes


Martin Bureau : AFP/Getty

Eight is enough.

Oh my GAWD, Olympic-viewing fatigue is setting in xhardxcorex. I mean, seriously, Therese and I are at our limit of ridiculous events we don’t understand, mildly racist montages about how different the Chinese lifestyle is and the Americans getting their tight, tight little behinds handed to them by underaged gymnasts.

But then along comes Michael Phelps to make all sorts of history and hook us right back in to the action.

Tonight he accomplished the only record he hasn’t already obliterated when he beat Mark Spitz’s record of seven gold medals in one Olympics by winning his eighth in the 4×100 men’s medley relay. (See the video of our reactions after the jump.) It wasn’t necessarily exciting, since it was pretty obvs the Americans were going to take it, but still, as the announcer said: “You never know when the next Michael Phelps will come along.” Plus, when the next Phelps does comes along, will he wear his swimsuit as dangerously low?

Of course, it wasn’t all record-breaking hotties. Earlier in the day, I took in one my favorite ridiculous events, the steeplechase. That’s the race with the hurdles and the water pits. Yeah, I said water pits. I’m not a big fan of track and field, but when you throw in a Crocodile Mile element, I’m sold. Also? Did you know our American steeplechaser Anthony Famiglietti is into abstract expressionism and has his own 12-song CD of “ambient electronic music”? Believe me, it was worth watching him (lose) to hear the announcers say “ambient electronic music.”

Don’t even get me started on the bazillion-hour long women’s marathon race that ate up most of Saturday’s primetime coverage. After running for like 3 hours, I don’t understand why the winning Romanian runner just kept circling the track over and over and over. If I just finished a marathon, the last thing I would want to do is MORE RUNNING. Just saying.

Now that Phelps has wrapped up his awesome time in Beijing, I’ve found a new favorite athlete: Jamaican runner Usain Bolt.


Jay Hu : Chron

Go on with your bad self.

The man is so awesome. He wears gold, sparkly sneakers. That’s how awesome he is. He also broke the world record for the 100 meters with a time of 9.69 seconds. Of course that’s after trimming 0.03 seconds off his final time by slowing down to showboat before crossing the finish line. I like a man who knows how to play to the crowd.


Adrian Dennis : AFP/Getty

But what I really want to know is who are the Asian men wearing “I ❤ China" T-shirts hugging him?



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