Boy, that P. Diddy lawsuit … weird, right?

It feels like fall in Texas:

Here’s A BUNCH OF TV News

More detective work has been done and people think they know who won The Golden Bachelor again. (Also, Reality Steve says he has the answer — click carefully, because he uses a picture and you can’t unsee.)

Antony Starr enjoying his job:

The Walking Dead folks are threatening us with more Fear the Walking Dead spinoffs, and Y’ALL: STOP. TOO MUCH. THAT’S ENOUGH.

Adam Sandler says that Roseanne Barr was originally supposed to sing “The Chanukah Song” on Saturday Night Live, but that she declined, insisting that he sing it because it was his song.

Right now, you can get a subscription to Max with ads for $2.99 a month for six months; Paramount+’s essential tier for $1.98 a month for three months; or Hulu with ads for .99¢ a month for 12 months.

Although: apparently Paramount+ cut 1,472 movies from its library over the past year, so.

Elon Musk went ahead with his dumb lawsuit against Media Matters for pointing out that sometimes ads from big companies show up alongside Nazi content on Twitter. Good luck with that, Elmo. (That said, he did file the lawsuit in North Texas, so … you never know.)

And in other erroneous lawsuit news: The Former Tweeter-in-Chief is suing MSNBC, Newsweek, CNBC, Reuters, The Daily Beast, the Miami Herald and its executive editor Alex Mena, Mediatie, The Hill, The New York Daily News, the Daily Mail, Axios, The Hollywood Reporter, Salon, Deadline, and Miami Herald for saying that Truth Social lost $73 million when it only really lost $31 million. 

The former president of Univision is NOT AMUSED by the network’s handling of Former President Build the Wall.

Totally cool, very reasonable. Hey, have you checked on your voter registration status anytime recently? You know, to make sure you’re still eligible to vote and are in the right district and stuff? No reason, just curious.


Sean “P. Diddy” Combs was sued for rape and abuse by his former long-term girlfriend R&B singer Cassie. She accused him of all sorts of horrific acts, including assaulting her; drugging her and forcing her to have sex with sex workers while he videotaped the acts; blowing up another rapper’s car; dangling one of her friends over a balcony; and making her carry his gun in public. It was a whole lot. So much, in fact, that Combs settled with her 24 hours after she filed the suit. DAMN, DIDDY. So … you did it? You basically admit that you did all that shit? Because I have never seen anyone settle a lawsuit like this that quickly, friend.

As this piece from Collider points out, Combs’ abusive behavior was on full display on his reality show, Making the Band, and a number of the artists from the show, including Aubrey O’Day, have been calling him out for years now.

Comedian Matt Rife, who had been TikTok’s boyfriend and very popular with female audiences, opened his recent Netflix special with an unfunny domestic violence joke. TikTok was not amused. As others pointed out, it was a feeble attempt to prove that he can be a dude’s comedian, too:

“One of the biggest misconceptions of things I get ridiculed online for is people are like ‘oh, he only has a female fan base,’” Rife said. “In the beginning yes, because I did blow up on TikTok which is very female dominant…So, I get that perspective. But when you come to the shows, I mean, it’s 50/50. It’s couples coming out. It’s groups of dudes who are coming. And that’s one thing that I wanted to tackle in this special was showing people that like despite what you think about me online, I don’t pander my career to women.”

“I would argue this special is way more for guys,” he continued. “I wanted to make this special for everybody. I pride myself on making my comedy for everybody. It’s not for a specific demographic. I think if people would just give it the chance without going into it and being like ‘oh, only girls like him’ or ‘people only like his face.’ If you give it an opportunity, I think you’d like it.”

So now he’s doubled down with an “apology” that linked people to a website for special needs helmets. What a loser.

Actress and comedy writer Joan Tarshis has sued Bill Cosby for drugging and raping her in the 1970s.

Slade Sohmer, the former editor-in-chief of The Recount, has been arrested on child porn charges.

Holly Madison doesn’t need to defend herself for not acknowledging Hugh Hefner’s death because fuck that guy.


  • Black Mirror has been renewed for a seventh season on Netflix.


  • La Brea is officially ending with season three on NBC. Adios, asshole. AND YES, I WILL HATE BLOG THE REST OF IT.
  • BBC has FINALLY admitted that Top Gear is done. (At least for a while.)

In Development

Casting News

Mark Your Calendars

NBC has announced their midseason premiere dates:


  • BTS Monuments: Beyond The Star will debut on Disney+ on December 20.

  • Wild Crime: Blood Mountain premieres on Hulu on November 30.


Fargo: Jon Hamm and Juno Temple star in the fifth season of the crime drama, which is all I need to hear, quite honestly. Season premiere. 9 p.m., FX

Obituary: In this dark Irish series, an obituary writer “accidentally” kills a man, only to find that she might enjoy killing. Series premiere. Hulu

Groundbreakers: This special hosted by Billie Jean King celebrates 50 years of female excellence in sports. 7 p.m., PBS

Late Night:

  • Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Tim Allen, Jenna Lyons, Derrick Stroup
  • Late Night with Seth Meyers: Gayle King, Brian Cox, Da’Vine Joy Randolph, Bryan Carter
  • The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: Bradley Cooper, José Andrés
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live: Will Arnett, Lamorne Morris, Alec Benjamin, Melissa McCarthy
  • The Daily Show: News Team Takeover

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