I regret to inform you that Chevy Chase is still an asshole.

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🔉Hooty hoots 💦🦉⬇️ Why the spray?💦 🪶As a burrowing owl, my feathers are my most prized possession. They provide insulation, help me to fly almost silently, and are essential for my camouflage. That is why I take great care to keep them in tip top condition. 🦉While I do enjoy standing in my bird bath to cool off during a warm day, I much prefer a refreshing misting of water. I will stand in my bath and open my wings, waiting eagerly for my hooman to mist me. I’m not sure which is the most divine; the feeling of the water on my feathers, or that I’m putting my hooman to work 😁. 💦I’ll spread my wings and let the water mist over me, then I will shake to dry off before I preen each feather carefully to ensure no droplets are left behind. 🪶The hooting is as I enjoy it so much and am wanting more spraying. It’s all about maintaining that pristine owl aesthetic ✨ #owlsoftiktok #owllovers #owlfacts

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Here’s A BUNCH OF TV News

Chevy Chase is out here talking about how Community wasn’t funny enough for him. On Marc Maron’s podcast, for no good Goddamned reason, Chase said, “I honestly felt the show wasn’t funny enough for me, ultimately. I felt a little bit constrained. Everybody had their bits, and I thought they were all good. It just wasn’t hard-hitting enough for me.

“I didn’t mind the character. I just felt that it was… I felt happier being alone. I just didn’t want to be surrounded by that table, every day, with those people. It was too much.”

Reminder: Community was Chase’s last best chance to buy himself some goodwill after having cemented a decades-long reputation within (and without) Hollywood as being a shithead to work with, and he squandered it so badly that he was fired from the show. Anyway.



related unrelated:

It sounds like the AMPTP might be sitting down with SAG-AFTRA for talks in a matter of days. Keep those fingers crossed!

Meanwhile, Craig Mazin is ready to get started on The Last of Us season two as soon as the writers’ strike is officially over.

Technically, Saturday Night Live could be back as early as October 7 — the actors on the show are covered by SAG-AFTRA’s Network Code which means technically they could return. The question is how many of them would be willing to while SAG-AFTRA remains on strike. Additionally, hosting choices will be restricted, and a cast has not been announced. My guess is it rin eturns late October — the 21st, if not the 28th.

DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED THE FIRST FEW EPISODES OF LOVE IS BLIND. But yeah, that astonishing twist involving (spoiler font) Uche and Lydia? The producers said they didn’t know when they cast them, they suggested they leave the experiment before allowing them to stay, and that it was the producers who instructed them to not tell anyone else. That last one is the most interesting revelation to me, as the show’s editing definitely made it feel like the fact that they didn’t tell anyone else until they had to was a deception on their part, not a choice the show made for them.

H’oh boy. They’re trying something new on Celebrity Jeopardy! and I’m sure fans will respond in a measured and reasonable way.

The Golden Globes is adding two new categories in an attempt to remain relevant: Best Blockbuster and Best Stand-Up Special.

Tubi is using Chat GPT to tell you what shows to watch.

I could strangle Dax Shepard for this. People love to talk about the sports issue when it comes to the question of transgender rights while ignoring the fact that in states like Texas, the government wants to literally take transgender children away from their parents and to criminalize their health care. Jonathan Van Ness is correct to call the sports question a Trojan Horse, and bless them for taking on this fight. It must be exhausting to constantly fight against strawmen and false equivalencies.

Here’s to hoping former Bachelorette contestant Josh Seiter gets the help he needs.


As if January 6th wasn’t bad enough, Cassidy Hutchinson has revealed in her new book that she was groped by Rudy Giuliani that day. She also says she was harassed by a number of other men, including Matt Gaetz. All of this checks out.

Russell Brand update:

After standing by him through two rape trials and initially saying that she wouldn’t be divorcing him, Bijou Phillips will, in fact, divorce her husband Danny Masterson.

Four women in the U.K. will sue Andrew Tate for sexual assault, including rape.

Chef Nobu Matsuhisa has been accused by a second woman of sexual harassment, sexual abuse, and battery.

On the same day that she received the Quincy Jones Humanitarian Award from the Black Music Action Coalition, Lizzo was sued by a former stylist who claims the singer created a “sexualized, racially charged and illegal work environment.”

After he was charged with domestic violence, and a number of came forward to say he harassed and abused them, Justin Roiland was replaced as the main voice actor on Rick & Morty. Yesterday the show released a new trailer with the new voice actors, but as of now, these actors’ identities have not been made known publicly presumably to protect them from harassment by fans. Seriously, pull it together guys. This is depressing. 

Oh look, an old actor doesn’t think intimacy coordinators are necessary. How unexpected.


Casting News

Mark Your Calendars

  • May December will premiere on Netflix on December 1.
  • Fargo will return on FX on November 21.

  • The Enfield Poltergeist will debut on Apple TV+ on October 27.
  • Desperately Seeking Soulmate: Escaping Twin Flames Universe debuts on Prime Video on October 6.
  • Magnum P.I. returns on NBC on October 4.
  • Celebrity Squares will premiere on VH1 on October 17.
  • Life on Our Planet debuts on Netflix on October 25.
  • 30 Coins returns on Max on October 23.
  • MaryLand will debut on Masterpiece on PBS on April 7.
  • Princess Power returns on Netflix Jr. on October 23.


David McCallum, Emmy-nominated actor from Man from U.N.C.L.E. and NCIS, and musician, whose song “The Edge” is largely sampled by Dr. Dre in “Next Episode”

You can read other tributes here.


Dancing with the Stars: I mean maybe! Maybe this premieres today! Or maybe not! As of this writing, there is some question because of the strike! Who knows! Probably season premiere! It’s definitely happening. 7 p.m., ABC, Disney+

72 Seconds in Rittenhouse Square: This documentary film takes a look at the 2018 stabbing death of Sean Schellenger in Philadelphia’s upscale Rittenhouse Square neighborhood, a death that quickly becomes a political hot potato when doubts about who the real aggressor was. Premiere. Paramount+

Who Killed Jill Dando?: A reexamination of the mysterious murder of British journalist Jill Dando, who was shot dead in 1999. Series premiere. Netflix

Savior Complex: This three-part series tells the story of Renee Bach, a young missionary who worked in Uganda with malnourished children, until shocking allegations emerged that she was treating the children herself, even though she had no medical training. Series premiere. 8 p.m., HBO

TUES. 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30
ABC Dancing with the Stars
Celebrity Family Feud
FBI: International
FBI: Most Wanted
CW Inside the NFL
The Swarm
FOX Name That Tune
9-1-1: Lone Star
NBC The Voice
America’s Got Talent

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