From ‘Mr. Show’ to January 6: when good comedians become bad insurrectionists


Here’s A BUNCH OF TV News

Jay Johnson, a comedic actor known for his roles on Mr. Show with Bob and David, Arrested Development, The Sarah Silverman Program, Bob’s Burgers, among many many others, was arrested for storming the Capitol on January 6. The FBI put out a tweet with his photo back in March 2021, asking the public to help them identify him and countless people immediately identified him on account of being a TV star and all that:

Bob’s Burgers fired Johnston back in December 2021 for his connection to the insurrection — though Fox never confirmed that. Why it took the FBI this long to charge him when it has been an open secret that he was there for two years now remains to be explained.

And speaking of January 6th, The View‘s Alyssa Farrah Griffin has been talking to the special prosecutor’s office investigating the attack on the Capitol according to unnamed sources (Alyssa Farrah Griffin herself).

The Kardashians are threatening us.

Bryan Cranston is also threatening us.

Bill Hader discusses a moment he cut from the Barry finale, and, yeah, that would have been a mistake.

AMC is considering bundling all of its services … which, yes, do it already.

And Prime Video is thinking about adding an ad-supported tier, because of course they are.

Congratulations and happy birthday to Days of Our Lives‘ Bill Hayes.

Hopefully, this is the last of Scandoval for a while. Or until they start filming next season.

Tucker Carlson moved his little show to Twitter, which is funny in and of itself, but then he had to explain how to watch it there to his boomer audience:

And now Fox News have told Tucker’s lawyer that he’s violating the terms of his contract, so it just getts funnier and funnier.

Some follow-up on the Chris Licht story at CNN:

Meanwhile, over on Fox News, they’re telling viewers that the air pollution from the Canadian wildfires isn’t dangerous and cracking 9/11 jokes.

After proposing a 28th amendment to the Constitution that would put in some reasonable measures for gun control including “raise the minimum age for gun purchases to 21, mandate universal background checks, create a ‘reasonable’ waiting period for gun purchases and ban the civilian purchase of assault weapons,” California Governor Gavin Newsom will take his proposal to the belly of the beast and be interviewed by Sean Hannity. 



Prob a deepfake. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is on @Podcrushed out now #julialouisdreyfus #elainedance #seinfeld #veep

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Sending strength and healing thoughts to Shannen Doherty.



In Development

  • Garage 56, a NASCAR documentary, has been greenlit at Prime Video.

Casting News

  • Brian King has joined the cast of The Irrational on NBC.

Mark Your Calendars

  • The Bear returns on FX on June 22.

  • Special Ops: Lioness premieres on Paramount+ on July 23.
  • The Summer I Turned Pretty will return on Prime Video on July 14.
  • Secret Chef will debut on Hulu on June 29.
  • Running Wild with Bear Grylls: The Challenge will premiere on National Geographic on July 9.
  • Anthem premieres on Hulu on June 28.

The CW has announced their summer premeire dates:

  • Family Law returns on July 7.
  • Moonshine premieres on July 7.
  • Greatest Geek Year Ever: 1982 premeires on July 8.
  • Down to Earth debuts on July 18.
  • Fantastic Friends premieres on July 18.
  • Son of a Critch debuts on July 24.
  • Children Ruin Everything premieres on July 24.
  • Run the Burbs debuts on July 31.
  • Bump returns on July 31.
  • FBoy Island debuts on August 1.
  • Great Chocolate Showdown returns on August 5.
  • Recipe for Disaster debuts on August 5.


Pat Robertson, Fundamentalist creator of the Christian Broadcasting Network, host of the 700 Club, the head of the Christian Coalition, Presidential candidate, and hate monger

Paul Eckstein, Co-creator and executive producer of Godfather of Harlem, screenwriter on several other series, and actor

Jack Lee, Singer-songwriter and member of the band The Nerves


Based on a True Story: A trio attempt to cash in on the true crime trend in this darkly comedic limited series starring Kaley Cuoco and Chris Messina. Series premiere.. Peacock

Never Have I Ever: Fourth and final season. Netflix

The Fablemans: Steven Spielberg’s semi-autobiographical Oscar-nominated film is … not what I was expecting, and in a good way. Also, film buffs should love the brilliant cameo in the final moments of the movie. 7 p.m., Showtime 2

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