As if you didn’t love ‘Abbott Elementary’ enough …

They’re going to be best friends, y’all:

Cheetah Cub meeting it’s Emotional Support Puppy from AnimalsBeingBros

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An update on the JoJo Siwa situation: according to an anonymous source to Vanity Fair, it was a “mistake” and “she definitely should have been there.” You done fucked up, Nickelodeon.

To time with tonight’s  Abbott Elementary season finale, Warner Bros. is donating 150,000 meals to Feeding America and launching a campaign to bring awareness to food scarcity. I do love how this show continues to bring awareness to social issues without ever being preachy or losing its heart.

Here’s how you can help, if you’re interested.

Netflix will be rolling out a “Two Thumbs Up” feature so that you can let them know if you REALLY enjoyed something.

Over in the Real Housewives world, Jill Zarin is making her case to be on Real Housewives of New York Legacy (or whatever they’re calling it) by claiming she’s not sure that she wants to be on it. And apparently, over on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Erika and Garcelle are feuding? Yeah, I really need to catch up.

This is some interesting insight into why Dancing With the Stars is moving to Disney+ from ABC. The short answer: they’re trying to lure new, older subscribers who are not the traditional Disney+ subscriber (read: families with kids).

Rachel Maddow announced that she’ll be moving to Mondays only beginning next month.

FIFA is launching its own soccer streaming platform ahead of the Qatar World Cup. (But the World Cup games won’t stream on it, go figure).

This is a very interesting article written by a woman who works as a scriptwriter and producer in the porn industry, wondering what, exactly, separates her business from series like Bridgerton and Normal People which are applauded for their “frank” depictions of sex. It’s not unfair.

One of the early front-runners on American Idol has dropped out of the competition for “personal reasons.”

Congratulations to Britney Spears!

And this has nothing to do with anything in television, but my thoughts are with the people of Brooklyn in the wake of this terrible attack. When I moved into my second apartment in Brooklyn back in 1997, on our first weekday there, my now-husband and I made our way to our new subway station for our new commute. It was a madhouse — people everywhere, pouring out into the street. We were a little concerned that this was what this station was always like during rush hour, but no: the police had disrupted a plan to bomb our station that very morning. I couldn’t help but think back to how scary and awful that situation was — an attack that was very fortunately thwarted. I shudder to think how terrifying this morning was for those unfortunate Brooklynites as they were just trying to get to work. My heart is broken for my old borough. 


The Johnny Depp/Amber Heard Libel Trial, Part II is underway in Virginia. If it feels like we’ve done this before, it’s because we kinda have. Back in 2020, he sued the British tabloid The Sun after it called him a “wife-beater,” in reference to allegations Heard made against Depp. Depp lost that case. This case is against Amber Heard who wrote a Washington Post editorial in 2018 about being an abuse survivor without ever mentioning Depp by name. For some reason, he thinks suing her and dragging all this back out into the light, again, will clear his name. GOOD LUCK WITH ALL THAT.

Meanwhile, at least Sean Penn can admit he’s a shit husband.

Dave Arrowsmith, a production designer, has been fired from the Bridgerton spinoff series based on Queen Charlotte over allegations of bullying.

Julia Wolov, one of Louis C.K.’s accusers, says that his Grammy win is “such bullshit” and that it sends the message that nobody cares about what he did. She’s not wrong.

Oh hey, remember Chris Noth? Yeah, here’s how they wrote him off of The Equalizer. Spoilers if you didn’t watch Sunday’s episode.

More stories about the One Tree Hill showrunner, Mark Schwahn, and what an unbelievable asshole he was on set to his actors. And on the one hand, yeah, it was a while ago, he hasn’t done anything since 2018, so who cares; but on the other hand, I think it’s important in the wake of #MeToo that actors feel empowered to tell these stories and that people in power be reminded that this shit won’t stand.

Japanese director Sion Sono has been accused of sexual assault and trading roles for sex.

David Mamet has turned into a pathetic joke. It should be noted that both he and his mother both worked as teachers, so really, he’s just telling on himself here.


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Francis C. La Maina, The former C.O.O. of Dick Clark Productions

Kathy Lamkin, Character actress who appeared in Malcolm in the Middle, Nip/Tuck, Medium, Bones, Boston Legal, and My Name Is Earl, and No Country for Old Men and Texas Chainsaw Massacre among other films


Abbott Elementary: Somehow it’s already the season finale, and Abbott goes to the zoo on a field trip. 8 p.m., ABC

Hard Cell: Catherine Tate plays multiple roles in this new women’s prison comedy. Premiere. Netflix

The Thing About Pam: Pam does the unthinkable to get out of her web of lies. Series finale. 9 p.m., NBC


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  1. My wife is an educator. She says that Abbott is spot on, except that they do not have that much free time away from the students.

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