A silly costumed singing contest decided that right now was the time to try to launder the image of a traitorous goblin. This is the bad place.

You’re going to need these cute videos to help you get through today’s WTF story:

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Here’s today’s Mad Lib of a headline courtesy of Deadline Hollywood: “Unmasking Of Rudy Giuliani On Fox’s ‘The Masked Singer’ Prompts Judges Ken Jeong & Robin Thicke To Walk Off In Protest”

I mean … just … where to even begin with this? So The Masked Singer is taping right now, and in the very first episode, it was revealed in an unmasking that one of the singers was America’s Disgraced Mayor, Rudy Giuliani. Apparently, Giuliani’s public relations people and the producers of The Masked Singer who are in bed together, thought now — right now, in the middle of a massive investigation not just into the attempt to steal the 2020 election, but also his time working with possible Russian assets to blackmail Ukraine, which led to the first impeachment of Former President Usurper, all of which very well could end in federal charges against Giuliani — now was the time to try to rehabilitate this man’s image.

Upon his revelation, Ken Jeong and Robin Thicke left the stage in protest, leaving Jenny McCarthy and Nicole Scherzinger to chat with one of the key players in an attempted coup against our country. Eventually, Jeong and Thicke returned to the stage, though, so apparently, all’s good.


When I first saw this headline, I, sweet naive thing that I am, actually thought to myself, “well, they certainly won’t be able to use this footage.” I actually thought that for like five entire minutes! I am embarrassed that I didn’t instantly recognize that casting someone as despicable as Giuliani and Jeong and Thicke’s temporary outrage and this entire dumpster fire of a story is exactly the sort of publicity that a show in its seventh season seeks out in an attempt to remain relevant.

All I’m saying is there’s a special place in hell for The Masked Singer‘s booking agent.

Anyway, The Masked Singer returns on Fox on March 9 and our country is a complete shitshow.

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