Jonathan Majors does his best with a middling ‘Saturday Night Live’

Saturday Night Live
Jonathan Majors
November 13, 2021

Jonathan Major is not exactly a household name, having only been in a handful of projects since his first breakout role in the 2017 ABC miniseries When We Rise. His role familiar to most people was starring as Atticus Freeman in HBO’s 2020 horror series, Lovecraft Country, for which he was nominated for an Emmy and the Critic’s Choice Television Award. And thanks to his good looks and magnetic charm, SNL clearly thinks he’s a star on the rise, and tapped him to be the host of this week’s episode. Though he’s not known for his comedy chops, Major handled the job with aplomb and managed to make even mediocre material a little better. But “a little” are the operative words here, as much of the night was very mediocre.

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