Kieran Culkin lifts up ‘Saturday Night Live’

Saturday Night Live
Kieran Culkin
November 5, 2021

Thirty years ago, Kieran Culkin began his acting career in a small role in his brother Macaulay’s breakout hit, Home Alone, playing one of the McCallister cousins. (And he was pretty cute):

In fact, Kieran’s career has long played out in the shadow of his older brother’s, despite being a very talented young actor in his own right. Go watch Igby Goes Down when you get the chance — he’ll blow you away.

It wasn’t until Kieran’s bitingly sharp role as Roman Roy on HBO’s brilliant Succession that audiences began really appreciating Kieran as the talent that he is.

It’s tempting to pull the ol’ “I liked him before he became cool” card with Kieran Culkin, but the truth is I’m just happy he’s finally getting the recognition he’s deserved for literally decades now. And in terms of hosting Saturday Night Live, he was just as nimble and funny as you would expect, able to play the straight man or the comedic focus with equal ease. All in all, another solid performance from baby brother.

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