‘Succession,’ ‘You,’ ‘We’re Here,’ ‘The Sinner’ and everything else you don’t want to miss on TV this week



We’re Here: The queens return to Spartanburg, SC, where the pandemic cut short their first visit. Season premiere. 8 p.m., HBO

Baby-Sitters Club: Season two. Netflix

Thirteen Ghosts: Now, listen, I am not saying that this is a good horror movie — it’s not — but it has Matthew Lillard and Tony Shalhoub in it, and when do those two ever intersect? 7 p.m., AMC


Dopesick: Based on the nonfiction bestseller of the same name, this miniseries explores what roles Purdue Pharma and Robert Sackler had in the opioid epidemic, by hiding just how addictive OxyContin was. Premiere. Hulu

Chucky: The murderous doll gets his own series. Series premiere. 9 p.m., Syfy & USA

A Night in the Academy Museum: Laura Dern and Tom Hanks host this special introducing the world to the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences museum, finally open in Los Angeles. 9 p.m., ABC

Trial in the Outback: This three-part documentary looks into the infamous “a dingo ate my baby!” case. Premiere. Sundance Now


The Sinner: Ambrose can’t even go on vacation without finding himself in the middle of a murder mystery. Season premiere. 9 p.m., USA

Just Beyond: This new spooky anthology series is based on the stories of R.L. Stine. Series premiere. Disney+

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: The Legends are stranded in 1925 Odessa, Texas in the season premiere. 7 p.m., The CW

Batwoman: Batwing joins the action in the season premiere. 8 p.m., The CW


I Know What You Did Last Summer: This new series is based on the classic 1973 novel of the same name. Series premiere. Amazon

Project Runway: Season 19 premiere. 8 p.m., Bravo

Legacies: Hope and the Super Squad devise a plan to rescue Landon. Season premiere. 8 p.m., The CW

B Positive: Drew develops romantic feelings for someone new in the season premiere. 8:30 p.m., CBS

What Happened, Brittany Murphy?: This limited series looks into the short, tragic life of actress Britney Murphy, and her mysterious death. Premiere. HBO Max

Another Life: The Katee Sackhoff alien drama returns. Season two. Netflix

Guilty Party: Kate Beckinsale stars as a disgraced journalist trying to salvage her career by proving that a young mother accused of killing her husband is innocent in this new series. Premiere. HBO Max

Phoebe Robinson: Sorry, Harriet Tubman: Stand-up from Phoebe Robinson. Premiere. HBO Max

The Velvet Underground: Director Todd Haynes looks at the legendary band and how they became a cultural touchstone. Premiere. Apple TV+


You: Psychopaths have a baby, what could go wrong? Season three. Netflix

Halloween Kills: Laurie Strode encourages a vigilante mob to hunt down Michael Meyers and end his reign of terror once and for all in this new sequel to the Halloween films. Premiere. Peacock

Home Sweet Home: Like Wife Swap, but instead of trading moms, families trade entire houses. Series premiere. 7 p.m., NBC

Day of the Dead: Six strangers try to survive a zombie apocalypse in this new series based on the classic Romero movies. Premiere. 9 p.m., Syfy


Those Who Wish Me Dead: The Angelina Jolie firefighter crime drama arrives on HBO after its premiere on HBO Max.  7 p.m., HBO

Misfit: The Series: The Misfits plan a musical in this series spinoff. Premiere. Netflix

Slumber Party Massacre: I mean, I think you can probably guess what this is about. 8 p.m., Syfy



Fear the Walking Dead: Strand finds a survivor. Season premiere. 8 p.m., AMC

Hightown: Jackie seeks to avenge Junior’s death. Season premiere. 9 p.m., Starz


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