Who knew a 37-year-old syndicated daytime game show would stir up so much controversy?

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Wait, WAIT! You’re telling me that the guy who had been sued twice for sexual harassment and discrimination at his previous job also recorded himself in a podcast saying offensive things about women’s bodies and asking his female cohosts inappropriate questions? HIM? And then, when he was asked about it by a reporter, all episodes of that podcast were pulled down? And you’re also telling me that this same man might have manipulated the process by which the job he wanted for himself — and which he got — was filled? I’m shocked, SHOCKED! I say!

Mike Richards says he’s really sorry for being sexist and gross and saying some racist and anti-Semitic things and casually using slurs, but it was a long time ago, you guys (it wasn’t), and the Jeopardy! hosting gig shouldn’t be taken away from him just because he’s terrible and no one likes him or wants him to have the job (but him).

And if that’s not bad enough, reportedly CNN’s Laura Coates was someone Alex Trebek named as his possible successor. If you recall, CNN’s Laura Coates was not someone who guest hosted during the sham audition process for the hosting spot at Jeopardy!  

As for Coates herself:

What a mess. Let’s hope Sony Pictures Entertainment is reconsidering this host situation.

Oh lordt, they really are bringing Manifest back. Despite this being one of the stupidest shows I’ve ever had the honor of recapping, even I have to admit, this comeback is remarkable.

I mean, I know that Curb Your Enthusiasm is loosely based on Larry David’s actual life, but it sure feels like reality is becoming more and more Curb-like in recent days. Oh no, what if we’re all descending into an alternate reality in which we’re all just extras in a never-ending episode of Curb? (Anyway, good on ya, Larry. Tell that gross Trump bootlicker where he can stick it.)

In the ongoing legal drama that is the Tom Girardi/Erika Jayne mess, some of Girardi’s business and personal items are currently being auctioned off. However, some of the items being labeled as Erica — some lingerie, specifically — are not hers.

RuPaul’s Drag Race U.K. is going to feature the franchise’s first cisgender woman drag queen, Victoria Scone. Good for her!

The Bradshaw Bunch is being sued for discrimination by a male producer who claims he was fired because the network wanted a “female voice” in his role.

Three Netflix employees have been accused of insider trading.

Congratulations, Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost!



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Frankie Mossman, Actor who appeared on Spartacus and The Horizon

Sonny Chiba, Japanese actor who appeared in Kill Bill


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