Hey, guess what?

Yep, I’m abandoning the site again for a few days. But I’ll be back next week, and I won’t go away again until sometime this fall, promise.

Here’s what’s going on: the youngest kid is a senior in high school this year, and we’ve been taking long weekends all summer to visit colleges across the country, as we weren’t able to do so last summer because of the goddamned global pandemic. We have two more schools to see, and hopefully they won’t shut their campuses back down again just before we get there because of this new Delta wave. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

In the meantime, here are a bunch of wonderful baby elephants. Enjoy while I find someplace for my own baby elephant to go to school.

Baby Elephant living her best life from aww

To be fair, goats are pretty scary.

Baby elephant is scared of goat from babyelephantgifs

Anyone who has ever raised toddlers knows from this:

🔥 Tired baby elephant doesn’t want to walk any further. Gets encouragement from the herd from NatureIsFuckingLit

In fact, it would seem baby elephants are something of drama queens:

Relatable baby elephant from babyelephantgifs


The Suicide Squad: I’m not a superhero person, as we’ve established, but the reviews coming in on this one are through the roof. “Hysterically funny,” “the year’s most entertaining blockbuster,” “the most insanely violent superhero blockbuster yet, making Deadpool look kind of sweet,” are just some of the things critics are saying. Premiere. HBO Max

Mr. Corman: Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars in this new dramedy about a man in his thirties who is having a mid-life crisis. I mean, it’s not described that way, but that’s what’s happening here. Apple TV+

Val: The actor Val Kilmer has spent the last 40 years filming his own life, and this documentary is the end result. Premiere. Amazon

Olympics: Men’s Skateboarding (park final); Women’s Diving (platform final); Track & Field; Women’s Beach Volleyball (gold-medal match) 7 p.m., NBC

Late Night:

  • Watch What Happens Live: Fredrik Eklund, Kirsten Jordan, Tyler Whitman, Steve Gold
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ABC Holey Moley
When Nature Calls with Helen Mirren
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CW People Presents: William & Kate’s Royal Anniversary
The Outpost
FOX NFL Preseason Football
NBC Olympics

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