Why I won’t be covering the Olympics this year

Here is a goose love story for the ages:

Goose visited her mate while he was undergoing surgery. from AnimalsBeingBros

Hi! So my summer is a little harried and I’m off to take another short break; but before I leave, a quick programming note.

Later this month will be FoolishWatcher’s fifth birthday. Time certainly flies when you’re constantly terrified about the state of our democracy! But I point out the anniversary because I started FoolishWatcher to coincide with the 2016 Olympics. My fellow Tubularite and dear friend Bobby and I love the Olympics and love writing about the Olympics and thought the Games would be a great way to inaugurate the site.

Sadly, I’m not going to be writing about this year’s Olympics. It’s a hard decision, but one based primarily on the fact that I genuinely believe they should not be taking place. This virus is not under control, the people of Japan are not widely vaccinated, the athletes are not required to be vaccinated to participate, and I am worried that people will die as a result. It just does not feel right to me to write about the event while ignoring this very scary reality.

It’s heartbreaking because I do believe that the world does need to come together and celebrate, that we could use something as life-affirming and global as the Olympics after such a long dark storm. But we’re not there yet.

And just to be clear, this is not me protesting or trying to make some sort of difference. I do not take myself so seriously as to think it matters one whit to the IOC or NBC that I am not writing about the Games. Additionally, I will probably watch some part of the Games — Simone Biles is superhuman and I am only human, after all. But to write about them every day feels like tacit approval of the Games being held and honestly, I think the decision of the IOC and NBC to push forward despite the virus and the new variants surging around the world is crass and dangerous.

I do hope you understand and will see you next week!


Ted Lasso: Will this be Richmond FC’s year? The best show of the year returns and brings some biscuits with it. Season premiere. Apple TV+

Good Girls: Beth realizes the women’s problems will never go away in the series finale. 8 p.m., NBC

Ghost Adventures: Well, this is returning for season whatever, and there’s no indication that it will return on Travel Channel anytime soon. What the hell, guys? How am I supposed to get my allotment of douchebros in too-tight t-shirts screaming at ghosts (without subscribing to a streaming service I definitely do not want)? Discovery+

Through Our Eyes: The experiences of children going through some of the most difficult challenges, including homelessness, parental incarceration, military caregiving, and climate displacement, are told through their perspectives. Series premiere. HBO Max

Ultra City Smiths: An insane voice cast are employed in this stop-motion mystery series. Series premiere. (It will premiere on AMC later this year.) AMC+

Late Night:

  • Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Kate Beckinsale, Fred Armisen, Leon Bridges
  • Late Night with Seth Meyers: Mindy Kaling, Jack Antonoff, Bleachers, Taku Hirano
  • The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: Hannah Einbinder, Alex Falcone
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live: Christian Slater, Chase Stokes, KEM, guest host Anthony Anderson
  • Watch What Happens Live: Henry Golding
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ABC NBA Finals
CBS Big Brother
Love Island
CW Walker
The Outpost
FOX Beat Shazam
Lego Masters
NBC Making It
Good Girls
Good Girls

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