To ‘own the libs,’ the GOP has fully become a death cult.

Going Viral

Last week the 14-day average of new cases was 12,914.


And that’s with testing rates still declining, Goddammit, so WHO KNOWS what the real numbers are.

Meanwhile, at CPAC this weekend, the crowd cheered at the news that the government didn’t meet its vaccine goals, and we’ve got Fox News and Newsmax out here telling their viewers that the vaccination drive is more about “social control” than public health and we’ve got states passing “anti-discrimination” bills to protect the unvaccinated and we’ve got entire states suspending their youth vaccination outreach programs, firing their top vaccine officials for encouraging kids to receive the COVID vaccine, and ending the practice of using schools for vaccine drives, even though schools might be the only large enough space in some rural areas that can accommodate such a program.

I want to show you two images of two conservative Midwestern states, Iowa and Missouri.

This is a map of vaccinated counties; the darker the color, the more vaccinated the county is:

And this is a map of current cases; the darker the color, the more cases there are:


I genuinely do not understand it, y’all. As I was telling my husband as we drove through rural Iowa this past weekend (which is what inspired me to look at these maps specifically), I understand why during the early days of this pandemic there was resistance from the right to take the virus seriously: part of it was pure politics — it was an election year and they didn’t want to hurt their party by shutting down the economy; and part of it was pure fear and a natural reaction to something as overwhelming as a global pandemic to try to claim some semblance of control. For some people, denying that anything is wrong is a way to pretend that you are still in control of your world.

BUT WE HAVE A VACCINE NOW, AND THE PEOPLE WHO ARE DYING ARE THE PEOPLE WHO DIDN’T GET THE VACCINE. You would think after watching over 600,000 of our Americans die from a vicious virus, everyone would be on board with getting a simple and free shot to protect themselves and their loved ones. But it’s not just about deaths — many people who have contracted the virus report long-lasting, possibly permanent health issues and spending time in an ICU AIN’T CHEAP. And you know who is going to pay for all those ICU stays for the 99% of patients who refused the vaccine? ALL OF US. Frankly, I think if insurance companies can charge smokers more, they should also either charge those who refuse vaccinations more or deny reimbursements. Why should my premiums go up to cover the cost of those stubborn fools?

I am angry and exhausted by all of this, but mostly I’m furious with the right and the right-wing media in this country who have fully leaned into being a science-denying death cult, willing to sacrifice their children, their families, their friends, and themselves in the name of … I don’t even know what, sticking it to the libs? I hope it was worth it.

Speaking of stubbornness, the Tokyo Olympics are set to go next week, but without spectators.

The Problem with Jon Stewart in New York, Stewart’s new Apple series, will shoot in front of a fully-vaccinated audience tonight and Friday. 

Olivia Rodrigo is at the White House to meet President Biden and Dr. Fauci and to record videos encouraging kids to get vaccinated.

Léa Seydoux will not be at Cannes after testing positive for COVID-19.

A Times Square exhibit of TV, Broadway, and movie costumes, Showstoppers! Spectacular Costumes from Stage & Screen, will raise money for the Costume Industry Coalition Recovery Fund.

All Other TV News

This is a fascinating story about a church, a diet, a plane crash, an HBO Max documentary with an increasingly ironic title, a guy who played Tarzan, and, legitimately, one of the most amazing heads of hair I have ever seen in my life.

Good Times, All in the Family, The Jeffersons, One Day at a Time, 227, Sanford and Son, Maude, Sanford, and Different Strokes will all be available on IMDb TV for free soon.

The majority of this article is about The Boys picking up an Emmy nomination, but after that, Kripke talks a little about the Supernatural connection to the show and how there will be nods to the series throughout season three of The Boys.

Sacha Baron Cohen has won a summary judgment against Roy Moore who tried to sue the actor for $95 million for defamation based on a This is America stunt. The First Amendment wins again.

The Euro final on Sunday was the most-watched Euro Cup match in U.S. history (and my God, what a crazy game …).

A thing I learned today: Paul Giamatti’s father was the president of Yale and briefly the MLB Commissioner.

Fun fact before you watch this delightful “Really!?! with Seth and Amy” about the billionaire space race: Richard Branson was on The View this morning and this motherfucker had the AUDACITY to whine that he doesn’t like the word “billionaire.” REALLY!?!


  • Loki has been renewed at Disney+ for season two.

In Development

  • The other Joe Exotic series, the one starring Nicholas Cage on Amazon, is no longer happening.

Casting News

Mark Your Calendars

  • Outer Banks returns on Netflix on July 30.
  • The North Water will debut on AMC+ on July 15.
  • Wu-Tang: An American Saga will return on Hulu on September 8.

  • Shiny_Flakes: The Teenage Drug Lord will debut on Netflix on August 3.


Robert Jacquemin, President of Buena Vista Television and DreamWorks TV


American Horror Stories: Ryan Murphy’s now-classic horror series turns to shorter bites in this new week-to-week anthology series. Series premiere. FX on Hulu

Gunpowder Milkshake: I mean, just look at this cast of badass women playing assassins: Lena Headey, Angela Basset, Carla Gugino, Michelle Yeoh … that’s reason enough to watch this candy-colored action film, right? Premiere. Netflix

A Classic Horror Story: Strangers traveling through Italy get stranded in the woods and struggle to make it out alive in this new horror film.  Netflix

Heist: In this new docuseries, people almost get away with the perfect crimes. (Almost.) Series premiere. Netflix

Late Night:

  • Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Don Cheadle, Cecily Strong, BTS
  • Late Night with Seth Meyers: Florence Pugh, Questlove, Walk the Moon, Charlie Benante
  • The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: Mindy Kaling, Wally Baram
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live: Chris Bosh, Moneybagg Yo, guest host Phoebe Robinson
  • Watch What Happens Live: Sasha Morfaw, Ben Mandelker, Ronnie Karam, Danny Pellegrino

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