Late night is unimpressed by Trump’s response to the California wildfires

Jimmy Kimmel fact checked Donald Trump’s awful tweet about the California wildfires, “But why get tangled up in facts when you can take shots at people who voted for Hillary instead of you?”

Stephen Colbert rakes Donald Trump over the coals for his response to the California wildfires, blaming California for forest mismanagement. “I’d hate to be choking with only Trump there to save me. ‘Are you choking? There’s no reason for this massive loss of oxygen, except your chewing management was so poor. Remedy now, or no Heimlich!’” 

Stephen also notes that one of the most unexpected responses to Trump’s terrible tweet was from Axl Rose, which led to my favorite thing that happened on Twitter in a long time:

Trevor Noah points out that the wildfires could have been avoided had Dummy Jr. not hunted down Smokey the Bear:

Jimmy Kimmel has the photographic evidence for why Trump avoids rain. Warning: it is not pretty:

Seth Meyers has high hopes for the Florida recount:

I discovered Trumpy Bear a couple of years ago, but for the rest of you who have not yet had the pleasure:

James Corden is also amazed by Trumpy Bear because how can you not be? “The main difference between Trump and Trumpy Bear is that Melania will share a bed with Trumpy Bear.”

Jimmy Fallon explains why Trump didn’t go to the ceremony honoring war dead in Europe — because it was “stormy” out. You know where this is going:

Seth Meyers takes a closer look at Trump and his merry band of grifters and reveals the one detail he will never be able to get over in this whole mess:

Finally, Last Week Tonight‘s took a look at Trump’s swamp:


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