Late Night was live and armed with bourbon for the midterm results

Stephen Colbert started off the night relatively cheerful about the Democrats taking over the House: “Democrats control the House. They can now open investigations into the president, and we’ll finally find out if Donald Trump has ever done anything unethical.”:

But then had to break the glass on the emergency bourbon upon news that Beto O’Rourke lost to Ted Cruz:

Seth Meyers takes a closer look at the “blue ripple” because when you’ve been in the desert for two years a splash of water feels like a tsunami. He also would like to know how many dicks Trump has:

Borat is back and tampering with our election:

Amber Says What?! and takes rightful credit for Idris Elba:

Here’s Jimmy Kimmel’s full monologue. R.I.P. our Thanksgiving dinners:

Seth Meyers notes that Trump hosted a small reception to watch election results … from 2016.


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