Late Night lists all the things that lasted longer than the FBI’s Brett Kavanaugh investigation

Seth Meyers explains that the FBI really went over the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh with a “no-toothed comb.”

Stephen Colbert has had more thorough investigations to find his AirPods (and he does a mean Chuck Grassley impersonation):

Trevor Noah notes the investigation lasted “half a Scaramucci”:

Jimmy Kimmel points out that he has interviewed more people than the FBI this week:

Jimmy Fallon suggests that Trump lasted longer with Stormy Daniels than the FBI investigation:

James Corden notes that the Senators had less time to read the FBI report than the contestants on The Great British Bakeoff have to make a lemon drizzle cake:

Conan points out that Democrats are criticizing the investigation calling it a cover-up. But Republicans are praising the investigation, calling it a cover-up:

Seth Meyers covers my favorite news story of the week: drunk birds.

Finally, Trevor Noah has some great insight about Trump and how he weaponizes victimhood, and the #MeToo movement in general in this very powerful behind-the-scenes moment:

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