This week’s news drives Samantha Bee to go Full Carrie and the rest of the best of Late Night

Samantha Bee goes full Carrie on Brett Kavanaugh’s supporters, but manages to end on a positive note:

“Here’s a fun fact: Women are also running for office this year in unprecedented numbers. And all the things that you’re afraid we’re going to do when we get in office, we are going to do. Including filling the Capitol building with tampons and flowers, and putting all your rapist friends in jail.”

James Corden notes that this is not how a Supreme Court Justice behaves … this is how the President of the United States behaves:

Trevor Noah has no idea how to process the story from the third accuser and thinks the Republicans might just try to swap out Kavanaugh with another middle-aged white guy and hope no one notices

Stephen Colbert thinks Trump’s attack on the women accusing Kavanaugh — that is is “big fat con job” — would make a perfect Trump 2020 campaign slogan:

Seth Meyers does a real-time Closer Look about Trump’s completely BATSHIT INSANE press conference and his nonsense about how the UN was laughing WITH him not AT him. OK.:

Trump’s insane press conference made Jimmy Kimmel turn to God (Billy Crystal):

Seth Meyers gives us an image to save in our brains to help us get through the rest of the day. It involves pandas.

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