Stephen Colbert has some strong words for those who claim “boys will be boys”

Stephen Colbert has a thought about those who would dismiss the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh as “boys will be boys” behavior: “You should not be allowed to raise boys. Or girls!” And as a woman raising two teenage boys, may I say: PREACH. PREACH IT, STEPHEN.

Samantha Bee reminds everyone that IT’S NEVER OK TO RAPE SOMEBODY. She also makes a very compelling point about the 17-year-old immigrant girl whose abortion Kavanaugh tried to prevent. Additionally, fuck this guy, for serious though.

Trevor Noah insists that attempted rape should not be added to the list of “just things boys do…” :

Seth Meyers takes a closer look at the GOP’s cynical attempt to ram through Kavanaugh’s confirmation onto the Supreme Court.

Jimmy Kimmel shares an ad for a restaurant that will cater to Team Trump, that serves fresh food and no one will hold them accountable:

Stephen Colbert finally got around the Toad news.

James Corden thinks Trump’s statement about Hurricane Florence being one of the “wettest” from the “standpoint of water” is one of “the dumbest statements [he’s] ever heard from the standpoint of speaking.”

Seth Meyers can’t believe Trump can’t even talk about the weather right:

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